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It’s Belafonte Bashing Time Again!

Reported by Ellen - March 13, 2007 -

Just behind Louis Farrakhan in the most-talked-about-African-American category on Hannity & Colmes must be Harry Belafonte. I suspect the rest of the world is probably not very interested in either of them but Sean Hannity just can’t seem to get enough of both. So while there has still been no discussion on Hannity & Colmes of either the Walter Reed scandal or the US Attorney firings (for which Senator Charles Schumer called for the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales over the weekend) last night (3/12/07), viewers were “treated” to another debate on whether Belafonte has gone too far. With video.

Viewers heard clips from an interview on the BBC in which Belafonte dared to call Condoleezza Rice powerless, ineffective, and nothing more than an extension of the Bush Administration. It’s pretty mild stuff compared to some of the accusations made by Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh and Mark Levin, right there on FOX News and without any opprobrium from Hannity. And during previous segments of the same show, Dick Morris and Hugh Hewitt baselessly smeared Senator Hillary Clinton and liberals, respectively. But this time Hannity was Hanctimoniously up in arms and asked about Belafonte, “Does this make him a traitor?”

Conservative guest Earl Ofari Hutchinson either hadn’t seen the previous segments of the show or else his notions of character assassination are as one-sided as Hannity’s. Hutchinson said it’s OK to have political differences, “However, there’s a line that you cross when you character assassinate.”

Despite the Hanctimony, Hannity’s interest in Rice is belied by the fact that there are few, if any, Hannity & Colmes discussions on anything she says or does. In fact, Hannity couldn’t even tell the truth while defending President Bush. “He’s appointed more African Americans to higher positions of power… nobody comes close,” Hannity said. Actually, when it comes to cabinet positions of African Americans, Bill Clinton not only came close, he surpassed Bush. Bush appointed four African Americans, Clinton six.

Alan Colmes got it exactly right. He ran through Belafonte’s accomplishments as a civil rights activist and said, “This is a guy who’s been through the movement. You have to have some respect for him.”

Not if you’re Sean Hannity, you don’t. In his nastiest voice, pot Hannity said, “He’s a bigot, he’s mean-spirited and he’s hateful.”