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Hillary Blamed For Giuliani Flip-Flop

Reported by Ellen - March 12, 2007 -

A new video has surfaced on YouTube showing Rudy Giuliani endorsing public funding of abortions for poor women. So how did "real journalism, fair and balanced" FOX News spin that? By blaming it on Hillary Clinton. Updated with video.

The video was played during the second part of a two-part Hannity & Colmes discussion tonight with Hillary-basher-presented-as-unbiased-pundit Dick Morris. Morris tacitly admitted to Alan Colmes that the right will hold their noses on certain issues and vote for Giuliani if he gets the nomination. “I think there’s a new-found pragmatism,” he said, because “Hillary Clinton is their bete noir.”

But Sean Hannity thought he'd "defend" Giuliani the bullyboy way, by blaming Hillary Clinton. "That tape didn’t just show up miraculously on YouTube and I have my suspicion where it came from."

Morris is never one to turn down an opportunity to slime Hillary Clinton, proof or no proof. He not only jumped at the opportunity this time, he blamed her for "outing" Gingrich. "I can never prove that that or the potential outing of Gingrich for the affair during Whitewater – I can’t prove that it came from the Clintons but given their track record with secret police, it’s a rebuttable presumption."

Hannity, with his sincere voice, said, "It really is, though. You believe chances are overwhelming that it was Hillary."

Morris, without offering a lick of evidence, said, "Chances are good."