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Should Our Government Provide Care For Our Wounded Veterans?

Reported by Deborah - March 11, 2007 -

Guest Blogged By Woke

It seems like stupid question, right? Why then, do our wounded vets not receive the care they need after being wounded, while serving us? It has been well documented over the years, that our Veteran’s Administration, being placed in a continual political atmosphere of fiscal austerity, have not met the challenge of providing the care needed they are mandated to provide. Just saying you have increased the spending does not insure the needs are met, especially during a war that has created over 25,000 troop casualties in 4 years

Even a cursory review of how our government has treated, (or in some cases not treated), our veterans shows a lack of commitment to them when they return.

Examples include: the tardiness and lack of attention to Vietnam veterans with Agent Orange poisoning and/or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) by the VA in the 70’s; the benefit cuts of the Montgomery GI Bill of Rights of the 80’s, (they all volunteered, eh?), and the continuation of these shameful policies during the 90’s to the present time. (After being poisoned by their own ammunition in Gulf War I, the returning disabled vets were said to have “gulf war syndrome”, as if their DEPLETED URANIUM poisoning were a mental disorder. This problem is still being left untreated at present, as the VA has been mandated to “investigate” the possibility of DEPLETED URANIUM poisoning, but (much like with Agent Orange and PTSD), only at the insistence and activism of veteran groups.

The more recent, well-documented lack of care at WR is further evidence of this shame.

The well-heralded opening of the INTREPID CENTER in San Antonio, Texas poses a different quandry to my mind. It is another example of our elected officials willingness to use our tax money to send troops to become wounded/disabled, but not to spend tax money to insure their best care. Make no mistake, I am certainly not questioning the generosity of the people who gave and/or gathered these private donations and spent it so perfectly.

I am asking why troops wounded while serving our government do not have their needs met by that government, and must rely on CHARITY for that care?
And that is the Topic for this thread.

Whether you feel the war is right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary, helping or hurting the war on terror……whether you are left, right, center, republican, democrat, green, libertarian, conservative or liberal…..why are the costs of caring for the soldiers NOT INCLUDED in the costs of this war?

STAY on TOPIC please! Thanks in advance for your civility.

In conclusion, if you believe, as I do, that these costs should be paid by our taxes, instead of depending on charity, please call ALL of your elected officials and ask them to become personally accountable to insure the care needed by our nation’s veterans is provided by our government
All Gave Some, Some Gave All

comment: Woke has been a valued member of the News Hounds community since June 2004.
His military/war credentials include 4 years in the USAF, including a year in Thule, Greenland, several training schools as well as a security assignment in Texas, and a year in Vietnam. 3rd SPS (security police squadron), Bien Hoa AFB, RVN 1969-70. Responsible for flight line security, perimeter security, rocket detection, and convoy security at different times while in country. Traveled from Long Bihn to Tay Nihn with convoys, seeing much of III Corps.

Woke used the GI Bill educational benefit and worked part time to get a degree, BS in Education, at Ohio State University, with help from family and friends. He taught public school and retired with 30 years service.