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Vicious attack on Rosie O'Donnell by Greg Gutfeld

Reported by Chrish - March 7, 2007 -

John Gibson has a new pal, inviting Greg Gutfeld of FOX's newest contemptible programming to slam Rosie O'Donnell on The Big Story today 3/7/07. Apparently Gutfeld is quite capable and willing to smear, slur, and vilify on command, leaving Gibson relatively untainted. Gibson chuckled but there was nothing funny about this meanness.

Rosie O'Donnell made some snarky comments about FOX News this morning on The View, mainly about their coverage of the Libby guilty verdicts yesterday, or as Gibson put it, "ranting and raving once again; this time she's bashing us." Elizabeth Hasselbeck was quick to take FOX's side against the" big bully."

Hasselbeck was shown saying that when she wants to hear the news, she just wants to hear the truth," to which Joy Behar snapped "Then why do you watch FOX?" O'Donnell laughed and said "Joy, I knew that was coming!"

The clip slid to another, with O'Donnell saying that the Scooter Libby verdict was mentioned, like, a thousand times more on every other channel besides FOX News. So, she shrugged, "it's skewed." The clip slid again, to Hasselbeck saying that FOX News gives different opinions on all subjects, to which O'Donnell made a face, a grimace, and then she leaned to Hasselbeck and said "Alright, I love you, and I disagree." Slide again to Hasselbeck saying something about looksism and women, and Behar said "it's not about the women, it's about the men who hire them." (Edit) "Rupert Muroch is not a woman." Slide once more to O'Donnell, who said "But I do think Greta Van Susteren's credibility, in my mind, went down a lot when she got a face lift."

The banner at the beginning read "Rosie's war on FOX;", the chyron below the whole View segment read "Rosie O'Donnell slams FOX News on The View." I would assume they showed the most inflammatory/supportive clips they could cull, and this did not rise to the level of bashing, slamming, or war - it was her opinion voiced reasonably. For that matter, where's the similar attack on Joy Behar? O, right - she's not a lesbian.

Enter Gutfeld to retaliate with an over-compensation that leaves one wondering what he's trying to make up for. Gibson said he didn't get why GVS' "little eye lift" could hurt her credibility, and asked "what's got into Rosie?" Gutfeld replied that she's very depressed and has been treating it with 20-30 minutes a day of inversions therapy, "hanging upside down like a fat, lesbian vampire bat," which brought a long wheeze of laughter from Gibson.

Gibson, still laughing, put up another moronic graphic with three shots of O'Donnell titled "Rosie doesn't like FOX", "we're so crushed!" Gutfeld said it should make "you" feel good that people at The View hate "you", because if there's a hell on earth, it is The View. He continued in this vein, calling her a "bully" and saying she needs a better psychiatrist. Gibson asked why she's so depressed, and Gutfeld replied that she's been that way ever since the Columbine shootings, and then called her a narcissist for making the tragedy "all about her," even though he had just told the audience that the event was a trigger. Gutfeld reiterated that FOX should be proud to be on her list.

Comment: This was so lame. Obviously she didn't rant or rave, although she was not complimentary to FOX News. This was used to 1.) highlight Gutfeld and promote his show (and if this is any indication of his banter abilities, it must be painful to watch an entire hour) and 2.) spark a non-existent controversey. The swipes at O'Donnell's depression (if it is true) and the insults about her body and her sexuality are the real bullying. Gutfeld should practice what he preaches and explore what makes him so cruel.