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One Of Hannity's "Great Americans" A Former Gay Porn Star And Male Prostitute

Reported by Ellen - March 7, 2007 -

No, not Jeff Gannon/Guckert but Cpl. Matt Sanchez who appeared on Hannity & Colmes to talk about an alleged incident of being called a baby killer by members of Columbia University's International Socialist Organization. So eager was Sean Hannity to embrace this "victim" of liberal hate (which Columbia, though it investigated the incident, never confirmed) that nobody at FOX News seems to have bothered to do any kind of background check. Or maybe they did and nobody cared.

Had they done the same kind of research Hannity always blames Dan Rather for not doing, "America's Newsroom" FOX News would have discovered this, courtesy of Max Blumenthal, at the Huffington Post:

As several gay blogs revealed late yesterday, Corporal Sanchez was known during his halcyon days as Rod Majors, a majorly well-endowed gay porn star. (Photos of Corp. Sanchez aka Rod Majors in action can be viewed here. I warn you, this link is NOT to be clicked on if you have minors around or if you're in a crowded workplace). According to Tom Bacchus, Sanchez was also a $200-an-hour male prostitute who advertised himself (here) as an "excellent top."
You can read more and follow Blumenthal's links at HuffPo.

During Sanchez' Hannity & Colmes appearance, Hannity, it now turns out, could have been speaking about himself when he accused liberals of being "so driven by their agenda... they almost get blinded."

But I wonder how many liberals would have declared, just on the basis of having a confrontation with someone that they disagreed with, "Matt, you're a great American."

You can watch the YouTube video of Sanchez' appearance on Hannity & Colmes here.