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Still No Hannity & Colmes Discussion About Walter Reed But ANOTHER discussion about Global Warming With A Questionable Expert

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2007 -

Sean Hannity’s inexplicable obsession with Al Gore continued last night (3/5/07) with yet ANOTHER discussion dismissing global warming with an unorthodox, energy-industry-connected scientist presented as a mainstream, independent expert. With video.

The guest last night was Tim Ball. SourceWatch details Ball’s connections to the energy industry here. Those connections were not disclosed on last night’s program, even in light of Ball's allegations that most of the people behind the UN report on global warming are “political people” with a political agenda “driven by the United Nations.”

Furthermore, there are allegations that Ball has falsified his academic and professional credentials (H/T reader Brian). Nevertheless, Hannity took at face value Ball’s dismissal of Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” as inaccurate.

As he did during his solo show, Hannity’s America, the night before, Hannity presented a scrolling list of “prominent scientists” who dispute global warming. As Marie Therese noted, however, Hannity’s list of 82 don’t stack up all that well against the 2500 plus on the other side.

Nevertheless, “fair and balanced” FOX News saw no need to balance this “expert” with an opposing view. And the “We report, you decide” network once again placed “warming hysteria” prominently on the screen throughout.