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Hannity Invokes Martin Luther King While Race Baiting Barack Obama's Minister

Reported by Ellen - March 2, 2007 -

For the third night in a row, Sean Hannity not so subtly implied that Barack Obama might be a black racist and African separatist, a claim based on one page of Obama’s church’s website. Last night (3/1/07), Obama’s pastor appeared on Hannity & Colmes to defend the church and its policies. Hannity was more interested in playing the race card than he was in listening to the pastor’s explanations of the church’s doctrines. Unfortunately for Hannity, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright knew just how to deal with Bullyboy Hannity. So after several fruitless attempts to badger Rev. Wright, Hannity hilariously pretended he wanted to be brought together in the spirit of Martin Luther King. With video.

It’s worth noting that during the two years I have blogged about him, Hannity has never observed Martin Luther King Day on Hannity & Colmes other than to use the occasion to bash African Americans who made speeches he didn’t like. But suddenly, last night he was an adherent. This time he was using the name of Dr. King to bash an African American.