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Hannity Plays Race Card Against Obama

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2007 -

The honeymoon’s over. After several days of admiring Obama, Hannity is going after him in the most vile way, though it’s not unexpected given Hannity’s record of bigotry. Hannity is investigating Obama’s racial “divisiveness” based on the fact that he attends a black-focused church. With video.

The discussion began with Hannity questioning whether Obama was popular enough with African-Americans to win the nomination, implying that his standing in the black community was the only relevant factor in his candidacy. Hannity said that the polls show “Obama carrying less than half the African American vote. Will the Illinois senator be able to turn this around and win his party’s nomination?”

The sole guest was African American Republican Michael Steele, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, who just lost a campaign for senate. As far as I can tell, Steele is not a pundit and has no connection to Obama, other than the fact that (as Steele mentioned during the show) Obama campaigned for Steele's opponent during the last election. One can only conclude that Steele's sole qualification as an expert in this segment was his race.

Hannity started with a misrepresentation of Bill Clinton’s record.“He didn’t appoint people to the highest positions of government the way George Bush did,” Hannity falsely claimed. He “forgot” Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Agricultural Secretary Mike Espy, Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman, Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary and Veterans’ Affairs Secretary Jesse Brown.

Steele also “forgot” Clinton’s appointments and made the dubious claim that his popularity was based on the fact that African Americans identified with what Clinton went through with Monica Lewinsky because they “understood what it’s like to not be believed.” Proof, positive that Steele wasn’t there for his political insights.

It wasn't Steele's gift for facts that got him there, either. He told Hannity, “I walked away, in a loss, with 30% of the black vote, the highest ever of a (black) Republican candidate.

But later, Alan Colmes said that “most sources” show that Steele only won 25%.

“25, 30, we typically get 8,” Steele replied.

Colmes then noted that Lynn Swann got 13% of the vote in his race and Ken Blackwell 20%.

Hannity told Steele he had read that Obama belonged to the Trinity Union Church of Christ. Hannity found a website he thought might be the same church though he had not yet been able to confirm that. “They have a list of their views on there which says ‘commitment to the black community, commitment to the black family, adherents to the black work ethic,’ …It seems divisive.”

Props to Steele for stopping Hannity in his tracks by saying that he (Steele) presumes it’s a black church. But I have a feeling that one way or another Hannity will continue to play the race card against Obama – all the while trying to blame Obama for being the racist.