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Al Gore basher prominent on FOX News "Not legitimate organization"

Reported by Chrish - February 28, 2007 -

Drew Johnson of TN Center for Policy Research was on (at least, that I saw) The Big Story with john Gibson and Hannity and Colmes, to promote the talking point that Al Gore is a hypocrite. Johnson claims that because Gore's home uses much more electricity than your average home, he has no right to tell people how they can reduce their own carbon emissions,

and because Gore occasionally travels by private plane, he has no right to suggest ways that we can reduce our fossil fuel usage.

Johnson repeatedly and determinedly ignored the fact that Gore buys carbon offsets and has a neutral carbon impact on the environment due to his practices. He and his conservative hosts deliberately play dumb about carbon offsets in order to not inform their viewers, making it appear that Gore is talking nonsense.

So who is this guy out of nowhere and why is he all over FOX? (Aside from the obvious desire to smear Al Gore.) He's a conservative posing as a non-partisan, he's claiming to know AL Gore's annual electricity bills, and oh yeah, his organization has been labelled ‘not a legitimate group.’ Well, you say, that's someone's opinion. Actually it's the pronouncement of the Tennessee Department of Revenue, who has ordered employees to not respond to his demands for information.