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Ann Coulter’s Latest FOX News Gig: Global Warming Expert

Reported by Ellen - February 27, 2007 -

Despite the fact that FOX News’ own poll shows that 82% of the public believes that global warming exists and that 79% believe that human activity plays at least some role, FOX News Channel continues to demean those who are concerned about it. Last night, 2/26/07, Sean Hannity was in a lather about Al Gore’s Academy Award for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and the “green” Oscars ceremony. Deborah noted that John Gibson was green with bile over the ceremony. Hannity was red with bullyboy belligerence. So who did he trot out to bolster his argument that Gore and Hollywood are environmental hypocrites? No, not another scientist in the pocket of the energy industry – someone even less credible: Ann Coulter.

Coulter was unusually giddy last night though, unlike her “boombox” appearance, relatively lucid, albeit inane. The “we report, you decide” network posted “Warming Hysteria” on the screen. But all the hysteria seemed to come from Coulter who jabbered about liberals being anti-human, wanting to do away with indoor plumbing and using candles instead of electricity. Maybe she was just excited because her recent cosmetic work seems to have healed sufficiently so that her skin just looks abnormally stretched across her cheekbones. Or maybe she was just keyed up at the opportunity to attack her fellow Americans for new, “scientific” reasons.

By contrast, guests actress Daryl Hannah and Jon Coifman, of NRDC, came across as the voices of sanity. They repeatedly stressed that they were talking about simple steps, “clean, renewable energy,” not “living in a mud hut.”

That prompted a fidgety Coulter to ask, sarcastically, “Daryl, do you know how the light goes on, almost like magic, when you flick a switch in your house?” When Hannah replied that she’s living off the grid, Coulter responded, “So, you’re living with candles.” The middle aged Coulter burst into giggles at her own humor.

Something tells me that even the FOX News audience is not going to find her persuasive.

In addition to the video, below, Media Matters has more on Coulter's inane ramblings..