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Beltway Boys Preview Top 3 On FOX Current Hit List

Reported by Deborah - February 18, 2007 -

The B Boys, Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke were pretty clear about which Democrats will be harrassed this week on FOX News. Al Gore, John Murtha and Barack Obama seem to be the FOX top choices giving Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton a little breather in the immediate future. However, Clinton and Pelosi bashing is always classic fashion on FOX News just like a good wool blazer so no doubt they'll get some attention too.

Al Gore will probably be #1 this week as Oscar night approaches and Gore's Inconvenient Truth will be in the spotlight. Also the Draft Gore campaign has taken action recently even though Gore says he's definitely not running.

Kondracke announced that he saw An Inconvenient Truth and it was "hysterical in it's exaggeration" adding that Gore offered very few suggestions about what to do. Kondracke acknowledged that CO2 is up and temperatures are rising but Gore's estimates of rising sea levels are way off.

Gore was very clear in his film that immediate action can make a difference. He has also suggested numerous lifestyle changes that everyone can make and discusses the positive economic possibilities of renewable energy.

Barnes went after John Murtha because of his suggestions that our troops must be fully equipped before comnbat and must have a year off between deployments. Barnes said Murtha was "anti-troop" because his suggestions would mean less soldiers in combat. Brit Hume called Murtha "senile" today and there's every reason to expect more of the same this week.

Barnes came to Obama's defense about the reports he was testy with reporters but despite his defense, he still reported it.Then he went on to fault Obama for not living up to his claims to be a uniter saying he has seen no evidence that Obama wants to bring people together.

Barnes asked this about the Democratic Party:
"Is this the party of John F Kennedy or is it the party of Moveon.org.?"
What makes Fred Barnes think JFK and Moveon wouldn't have been working together?