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Red Eye Repeats GOP Global Warming Talking Point, Calls Liberals "Spoiled Children"

Reported by Janie - February 16, 2007 -

The House Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality was scheduled to hold hearings on climate change this past Wednesday, which were ultimately canceled due to inclement weather. The right, with Fox helping to lead the way, has picked up on this story as proof that global warming does not exist. Fox's new late night show Red Eye discussed this development on Thursday morning's show (2/15, 2 am), but quickly deteriorated into name-calling and childish rhetoric.

Greg Gutfeld, host: "I want to talk about global warming just briefly because there was a forum on global warming at the House in Washington, DC today that was canceled because of sleet and snow. Which leads to me thinking that if global warming actually existed, then they actually could have had the conference. Does that make sense, or am I completely out of my mind? I could be, because I'm on cough syrup – bronchitis."

Comment: Option B. Gutfeld IS out of his mind. As ThinkProgress points out:

"The fact that temperatures have swung from extreme to extreme — in New York, from all-time-high 70 degree weather in January to record-high snowfall one month later — is exactly what increasing greenhouse gas emissions predicts: climate destabilization."

Media Matters also notes:

"...weather in a given portion of the United States at any one time is not indicative of whether the Earth is warming. As the National Climatic Data Center noted in its preliminary 2006 report, '[f]ollowing the warmest year on record for the globe in 2005, the annual global temperature for 2006 is expected to be sixth warmest since recordkeeping began in 1880.' That report also noted that 'the 2006 annual average temperature for the contiguous United States (based on preliminary data) will likely be 2°F (1.1°C) above the 20th Century mean, which would make 2006 the third warmest year on record.'"

Mike Baker: "I agree, I was a big fan of global warming until this cold front moved in, and I was hoping that Al Gore was absolutely correct. I'm hoping that everyone sees the irony of the canceling of this conference and interesting enough, I threw global warming onto a survey that I did, what are the top 10 threats out there, and included Iran, Iraq, all the usual suspects. Global warming was thrown in there to see what people would think. Overwhelmingly, everyone came back and said are you kidding me?"

GG: "You know what's a bigger threat? Betty White."

Bill Shulz: "Why are you picking on Betty White?"

GG: "I don't know – she's just a bigger threat than global warming."

GG: "You know what kills me? The way the weather is reported as though it's never happened before. This drives me crazy. It's like all the sudden, we have a snow storm in February and it's like breaking news. This happens every year. Weathermen have this strange selective amnesia that allows them to keep reporting the same things over and over and over and over and over and over."

Rachel Marsden: "I like it how there's all these liberals talking about global warming as though it's a science, and listening to liberals talk about science is like watching a monkey play with an EZ Bake oven, and this is their argument. It doesn't matter what it's doing outside, if it's sunny or snowy or raining, this is their argument for global warming. To point. It's the same reaction kids have when they want to select something from a menu board at McDonalds. That's their argument. (Pointing) This is not a valid argument. But that's all they ever do."

Comment: Yes Rachel, they point - to scientific studies. Studies that are apparently way over your head.

Shulz broke in: "Liberals are nothing but spoiled children. Babies."

GG: "In soiled diapers."

More intellectual "debate" from Fox's "fair and balanced" new show.