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Julie Banderas still employed at FOX - that says it all.

Reported by Chrish - February 16, 2007 -

Apparently being really ignorant of current events is not a career-ender at FOX "News", so Julie Banderas was the guest host on The Big Story today 2/15/07. Fortunately for Banderas, there is nothing more important going on in the news than Anna Nicole Smith's decomposing body, air travel delays, Hallmark's latest line of greeting cards, and an Air Force sergeant being busted for posing naked in Playboy Magazine. She was on top of those stories but I did note she screwed up Gibson's "Count of shame."

Jammed in between all the tabloidy infotainment was one segment on the war in Iraq, a report by Geraldo Rivera from Camp Liberty in Baghdad. In it, Geraldo repeated the preferred White House frame of "surge" instead of the reality-based escalation. The additional troops are being sent not for a short-term mission and then back home again, but rather for lengthy deployments for a mission with no clearly defined withdrawal date or even a goal to determine such a date.

Rivera also used the SOTU low-ball figure of 20,000 additional troops rather than the Congressional Budget Office's estimate of 35,000-48,000 (which includes "personnel to staff headquarters, serve as military police, and provide communications, contracting, engineering, intelligence, medical, and other services.")

He wrapped up the segment saying that the buzz in Baghdad is that the "surge" has a chance to succeed in at least curtailing the violence, if the politicians at home give it a chance.

This minute and a half on Iraq was followed by a two minute analysis of new FOX News polls on election 2008, and the fluff pieces on Hallmark and Playboy and a long promo of the ill-fated "comedy" show coming Sunday. Whole lotta nothin' goin' on.