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Hodgepodge Of Info On Studio B Today

Reported by Donna - February 12, 2007 -

You think with over 70 people being killed in bomb blasts in Iraq (this is the number that Fox used) that might be the lead story, but on Studio B it was the Anna Nicole story once again. Two segments were devoted to Anna Nicole with several minutes involved, but barely a minute or so was spent on the war in Iraq.

Not only did Studio B open with the Anna Nicole story but they had another Anna Nicole segment later on in the show, calling for Judge Andrew Napolitano's expertise. They also managed to spend approximately 3 minutes on a segment for the Pimped Out John, which was a toilet with an x-box, tv and other such wonderful, needed toys.

Comment: In sharp contrast, turning on CNN at 4 after Studio B they led with the story about the "killing fields" in Iraq with over 90 dead and over 190 injured.

I know that Studio B is supposed to have lightening fast news thrown at the short attention span crowd, but they could at least devote the same amount of time to the war in Iraq as they do to the fluff.

What was also interesting was I can't recall much time being alloted on Studio B about the Scooter Libby trial while the prosecution was presenting it's case, but they did happen to mention it today. It just so happens that the defense for Scooter Libby took over today.

Priorities, priorities.