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Red Eye's Orgy of Sick Humor Slimes Catholics, Barack Obama, the Grammies

Reported by Marie Therese - February 10, 2007 -

Honestly, what was Roger Ailes thinking? Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld has got to be the worst show ever! Although it has been billed as the conservative answer to Jon Stewart's Daily Show, it is really an hour of turgid, tasteless, adolescent drivel, delivered by people who were clearly born without the humor gene. While Stewart demonstrates a mastery of comedic timing utilizing long pauses and frozen expressions that rival those of the late great Jack Benny, Gutfeld and his band of un-merry misfits self-consciously lurch from one topic to the next, missing the mark every time. Friday night's edition was no exception. There was one bright spot. Panelist Bill Schulz made a comment that will absolutely infuriate radical uber-Catholic League president and frequent FOX guest, Bill Donohue.

Suffice it to say the show is a dud and I predict it will disappear from the FOX airwaves fairly soon.

Here are some of the smarmier moments.

On the topic of cannibalism, in which the oh-so-hip guests inferred that the leader of a New Guinea "cult," who sacrificed three women to Satan and then ate their bodies, would be accepted and embraced by progressives as a legitimate religious leader. Watch how Schulz shoots himself in the foot as he hauls Catholicism over the coals! Mark my words. Heads are gonna roll at FOX over this one!

GREG GUTFELD, editor of The Daily Gut, former publisher of Maxim UK: This is part of his own cult. He's got 6,000 followers. I'm beginning to think are we being a bit - I don't know - intolerant of other cultures. I mean, who are we to judge? What - what - what is wrong with his beliefs, if he believes them? Bill?

BILL SCHULZ, former magazine writer: I mean, this guy calls himself Black Jesus, correct?

GUTFELD: Yes, he does.

SCHULZ: And is it not the fact - and I think you're a Catholic as well - that the Catholics eat the body and blood of Jesus every week? This guy's just turnin' it around and workin' it for his benefit. He might as well eat his disciples rather than let his disciples eat him.

GUTFELD: Oh, that's very interesting.

SCHULZ: You can tell that I meant that because my eye's (points to right eye) bulged out.

RACHEL MARDSEN, Canadian columnist, convicted stalker and Canadian correspondent on The O'Reilly Factor: Well, my question is this. Obviously, this guy has a bit of a different lifestyle than most of the people in America do. But if he was to come to America, would he be embraced by the left as somebody who's bringing ...

MALE VOICE, off screen: Those damn liberals!!

MARSDEN: ... another cultural aspect to this country?

SCHULZ: What if the liberals told him to eat conservatives? Oh, my god.

MARSDEN: Did you just advocate the killing of conservatives?

GUTFELD: No! Just the eating!

SCHULZ: I don't know where I am right now.

GUTFELD: Just the eating. Dan, do you have anything to say about cannibalism that's positive because I'm looking for something positive.

DAN BOVA, Editor-in-Chief, Stuff Magazine: I think there should just be a separation of church and state.

GUTFELD: That's very good.

Gutfeld immediately launched into a put-down of Sen. Barack Obama. This clearly was deliberate, as it linked the African-American Senator with the native New Guinea* cannibal who ate the three women. This was very subtle and very, very sick. I suspect most white people wouldn't "get" it but the blacks in the audience would have picked up on it immediately. "Cannibal" is another one of those archetypical "code" words that reinforce old stereotypes of blacks in our culture. FOX uses such sublimals with great effectiveness to manipulate its viewers.

GUTFELD: [Indecipherable] Barack Obama is going to Springfield, Illinois because, apparently, that's where Abe Lincoln was a legislature - legislator. What they don't know is that's where the Donner Party started, Donner Party being the most famous event of cannibalism we know. What kind of message is Barack Obama sending to America about how he feels about cannibalism? Is he for it? He's certainly not condemning it. I'm waiting. I'm not gonna to vote for him until he firmly comes out agaist eating people. Do you guys have any thoughts about this or am in the minority in this case? ...

Rachel Marsden then launched into a diatribe against Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, who will be interviewing Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle, tomorrow night, February 11th. Taking one sentence from a CBS online teaser article about the event, she went off on the hypocrisy of liberals. It was - to quote Bill O'Reilly - "ridiculous".

MARSDEN: ... Obama was asked by Kroft if (reading) "growing up in a white household caused him to make a decision to be black."

Here is the entire quote:

"When asked by Kroft if growing up in a white household had caused him to make a decision to be black, Obama replies, 'I'm not sure I decided it. I think … if you look African-American in this society, you're treated as an African-American. It's interesting though, that now I feel very comfortable and confident in terms of who I am and where I stake my ground. But I notice that … I've become a focal point for a racial debate.'"

Senator Obama clearly took no offense at all from Kroft's question.

MARSDEN: ... Now, what do liberals do? Do they go up to black people with one of those color wheels that you use for choosing paint for your wall and say "OK. You match that particular color and that's just on the right side of black versus white, so, therefore, you're black?

SCHULZ: Yes, they do. That is exactly what they do! We should eat them! We should eat them all!

MARSDEN: Well, they may as well. But they may as well.

GUTFELD: You know - you're speaking my language, Bill!

SCHULZ: I want [indecipherable]

MARSDEN: Well, there's so much focus. OK, now. Is Steve Kroft saying "Hmm. You know. Is he white or is he black?" Did you choose to be black? What does it matter? That is the most bigoted statement I've heard in the media in the longest time. You know. Are you white or are you black or did you choose? Who cares?

Later Gutfeld introduced Neil Hamburger (Gregg Turkington), a deadpan, insult comic. The cast and crew laughed quite a bit during the following exchange.

GUTFELD: Well, speaking of death, I want to talk about the Grammies, which are coming up. I'd like to get your opinion on the Grammies which are Sunday, which is this Sunday. Are you gonna be watching it?

NEIL HAMBURGER, comedian: God, no! I'd rather watch goats bob for apples than that display of garbage.

GUTFELD: Do you notice that when somebody, when people win Grammies, they die? Have you noticed that, like ..."

HAMBURGER: That's what they deserve. That should be the award. The award to the American people. ..."


At Maxim UK, Greg Gutfeld's contract expired without renewal after massive losses in readership under his tenure.

Gutfeld can expect the same result at FOX News, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thanks to Jim Treacher, here's a video of the Neil Hamburger segment:

* Post updated 2/11/07 - "African-American" changed to "native New Guinea" to reflect fact that the population of New Guinea is clearly not African-American. Apologies to our readers for this error. - MT