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Dick Morris: No Evidence Clintons Behind Smear Piece On Obama, “Just Obviously They Were”

Reported by Ellen - February 6, 2007 -

FOX News contributor Dick Morris called Hillary Clinton "a monster" last night (2/5/07) on Hannity & Colmes. He admitted to Alan Colmes there’s no evidence the Clintons were behind the now-discredited smear article about Barack Obama's schooling in Insight magazine. Nevertheless, Morris insisted, “Just obviously they were.” With video.

Morris visited Hannity & Colmes for a double segment immediately following Hannity’s softball interview with Rudy Giuliani. Morris signaled that FOX News may be putting its imprimatur on the Giuliani campaign by proclaiming, “That was a president. McCain on Meet the Press was a Senator.” Morris then added, “And Hillary’s a monster.”

In Part 2 of the discussion, Colmes pressed Morris to justify his outrageous remark.

Morris said, “She is the closest thing we have in America to a European socialist. She believes, honestly and sincerely, that federal taxes should not take 33% of our economy but 47 and 48 and that it should include free health care, free higher education, free nutrition, free daycare.” Comment: I could find nothing indicating Clinton’s desire to raise taxes by such an amount. Her voting record indicates that she voted to extend tax cuts on capital gains and dividends, to reduce the marriage penalty and to increase tax deductions for college tuition.

Morris continued, “And the other part of it is that she is very dangerous in the way she uses the resources of her private detectives, her private payroll. Do you honestly think that that negative story about Obama happened from the vast research budget of InSight?”

Colmes said, “Oh, come on, Dick… I think it’s outrageous to blame a smear piece that conservatives have kept repeating about Obama… (InSight’s) who printed it. They’re a right wing publication.”

Morris insisted, “You’re going to see one after another after another derogatory information about Edwards and about Obama.”

Colmes asked, “Do you have any evidence that the Clintons were behind the smear piece on Obama? Any evidence, whatsoever?”

Morris answered,”No, I just – obviously, they were.”

The video is Part 2 of Colmes’ discussion with Morris.