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Dick Morris teases upcoming Hillary "swift-boating" movie

Reported by Chrish - February 1, 2007 -

Appearing on The Big Story (yet again), Dick Morris stated his belief today 2/1/07 that Hillary Clinton will be the next President, and that she will be the absolutely worst president ever. (Since he'll be leaving the country in that eventuality, he shouldn't care.) Of course, this is the premature analysis of a bitter former employee, who is making a "documentary" that will "expose the real Hillary."

Morris , whose frequent appearances on FOX serve as nothing more than proxy Clinton-bashing for the network, said that she will win because the most important factor in politics today is increasing turnout, and white males are "maxed out," there aren't any more to vote. (And unless you live in Chicago, he said, you can't vote twice.) As the percentages of Americans voting increase, more and more single women will be casting their votes, overwhelmingly for Democrats. He does not cite any specific studies to corroborate this statement, which is open to debate. In fact, he mentions voter turnout numbers that are substantially different (lower) than those found in this analysis.

Morris agrees with Gibson that McCain would just get "rolled over" by Clinton, and offers that Giuliani is the only candidate who'd stand a chance. But what would she do that would be so awful? (What could be worse than the current administration?)

Well, of course she'll raise taxes. Well, by that he means repeal the tax breaks awarded by Bush, certainly those of the top and possibly the middle earners, and reinstitute the estate and capital gains taxes. Secondly she'll change welfare reform, making job training and going to school and going to truck-driver training off a matchbook cover acceptable alternatives to employment to get welfare benefits, ruining the program. And third, she'll reinstitute her healthcare program, which she has never repudiated, but this time it passes because the Fortune 500 companies get behind it so they can get rid of their healthcare obligations.

Morris called her "the closest thing we have to a European socialist" who believes that instead of 32% of our economy going to government, it should be high-40s. There should be free higher ed, childcare, free healthcare, and so on - which Morris thinks would be a disaster.

AND, he says, she has a "Nixonian sense of ethics." He doesn't want "this woman" controlling the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the DEA, and the NSA. (Comment: because they're being run so ethically and transparently now??)

This is going to be the subject of his new "documentary", and Hillary is going to be the star. He's going to have "her with all her different hair-dos and disguises, saying all the things that are not true, and then we'll 'context them' and explain what the truth is."

O lordy, the smear job is going to be worse than Kerry's swift-boating. Morris has been on FOX often, as noted above, driving people to his website where he is soliciting money to make this hit job. He has also been using Republican mailing lists to appeal for funds. It's safe to assume that FOX will be instrumental in promoting it. This segment was not news or even a gossip item - it was just another oppotunity for FOX to air outsourced Hillary-bashing.

And Dick Morris probably knows Washington's dirty little secret - in the not-too-distant future, whoever is in the White House is going to have to raise taxes. No less an authority than David M. Walker, the comptroller general of the United States, is sounding warning bells:

There's a good reason politicians don't like to talk about the nation's long-term fiscal prospects. The subject is short on political theatrics and long on complicated economics, scary graphs and very big numbers. It reveals serious problems and offers no easy solutions. Anybody who wanted to deal with it seriously would have to talk about raising taxes and cutting benefits, nasty nostrums that might doom any candidate who prescribed them.

Calculations by Boston University economist Lawrence Kotlikoff indicate that closing those gaps _ $8 trillion for Social Security, many times that for Medicare _ and paying off the existing deficit would require either an immediate doubling of personal and corporate income taxes, a two-thirds cut in Social Security and Medicare benefits, or some combination of the two.