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Tanya And T-Warrior O'Reilly Dig For Dirt

Reported by Deborah - January 24, 2007 -

Every Tuesday Tanya Reiman joins Bill O'Reilly to analyze the body language of Bill's selected subjects. O'Reilly is always hoping Reiman will come up with some juicy dirt to smear on his victims but so far, she's managed to amuse him or feed his insatiable ego without saying anything too damaging to the subjects or her lucrative weekly gig. In fact, most of the time Reiman simply describes what should be obvious to everyone on the clip while BOR acts like it's a revelation. Last night, 1/23/07, Reiman analyzed Hillary Clinton, BOR's most recent judicial target, Mike Niphong and of course, Stephen Colbert.

O'Reilly seemed pleased with Reiman's take on Hillary Clinton's announcement video. Reiman suggested that Clinton's hand gestures were designed to express sincerity pointing out the various hand movements and head tilts. O'Reilly asked eagerly, " Can you fake sincerity?" He wanted to know if someone told Clinton how to act in the video beforehand as if that proved phoniness. Reiman, of course, would know, since she coaches people in public speaking professionally. She assured Bill that sincerity can be faked so although she later said that Clinton hadn't planned her gestures, the message of faked sincerity remained.

Next O'Reilly showed a clip of his producer, Jesse Waters, ambushing the judge from Vermont that O'Reilly has marked for extinction. Water's sneaks up on the man at a recycling center, where he's sorting his glass in bins, yelling obnoxious accusations. The judge turns in surprise , makes a face and retreats to his car all the while Waters is harrassing him. Reiman concludes that he looks like he's caught doing something and then suggests his middle finger is raised as he gets into the car. To me, it looked like he was surprised, annoyed and couldn't wait to get away from the crazy person with a camera from FOX News. Did O'Reilly think this man would be gracious and pleased to be hunted down by his enemy while doing his errands?

O'Reilly's travelling bulldog appears in the next clip of Mike Niphong who is caught on his driveway in his bathrobe looking like Tony in the opening scene of The Sopranos. Niphong strides angrily down his driveway to keep his dog from attacking Waters and lashes out with pointed fingers. Anyone watching got the full picture but Reiman did her routine analyzing his use of finger and thumb to point and making the painfully obvious observation that Niphong was being the tough, macho guy.

Reiman didn't have too much to say about Colbert since O'Reilly didn't get the concept that Colbert was in character and her analysis wouldn't make sense. However, Reiman said he pointed a lot and was confident once he was in his persona. She pointed out O'Reilly's " amused annoyance" and assured him that he did a great job even though Colbert was very funny.

comment: Who can we expect to see on the Tanya segment next Tuesday? No matter the victim BOR selects, Tanya Reiman will be sure to say the right thing. I have no doubt that Reiman is quite accomplished in her field but I think commiting to this weekly spot forces her to compromise some standards of quality.. It can't be possible to make a reputable analysis of an individual from such limited clips. However, who can blame her for wanting the income and exposure.