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O'Reilly Tries To Justify Heartless Hornbeck Coverage

Reported by Deborah - January 24, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly would never consider apologizing to Shawn Hornbeck and his family for all his insensitive on air speculation and downright accusations about Shawn and his parents. Tonight, he had two damage control segments on the O'Reilly Factor. In the first segment, O'Reilly tried to compare notes with Arian-Campos Flores, a journalist for Newsweek who has written about the case.Then trying to show what a child advocate he is, BOR debated the value of Jessica's Law with Joann Page, Fortune Society

O'Reilly opened the first segment about Hornbeck with an attack on a psychic who had appeared on Montel Williams show years ago trying to locate Shawn. The woman's prediction was all wrong so O'Reilly becomes outraged saying it was a horrible thing to do asking , " What if the Hornbecks were watching?' (Of course, Bill-O didn't bother with that question when he was speculating that Shawn liked his life with his kidnapper) All blustery he bragged about how he called Montel Williams about the psychic declaring it " garbage". (Let's not even talk about Bill O'Reilly putting garbage on his show. In fact this little stunt with the psychic can serve as an example.)

Bill tolds Flores that this was one of the hardest cases he's ever covered citing one of his mystery stats claiming that 25% of the public wanted to know more about the case. Flores shared that it was difficult to get people to talk to him about the case but he got some good information from Hornbeck's friend during his captivity. This gave O'Reilly a chance to bring up his theory about Shawn being lured by no school and a truck to drive. However, this time BOR half mumbled about no school and " machinery" given to Shawn. O'Reilly asked about evidence of molestation and Flores claimed there is none at this point but added that a neighbor had seen sex toys in Devlin's bathroom through a window.

Bill's soapbox emerged for the next segment with Joann Page who does not think Jessica's law is hepful. She made the point that 90% of child abuse comes from family members and Jessica's law discourages people from coming forward. Bill didn't want to get her theory claiming that if someone damages a child he should forfeit half of his life.

He also shot down Page's suggestion for prevention claiming that nobody can get into a house beforehand to see what's going on. Page looked like she had a lot to say about the methods that could be used to prevent this kind of crime but BOR wouldn't let her talk. His trusty Jessica's Law map appeared and he explained his color coding giving a special mention to the yellow states that voted against it.

comment: Bill O'Reilly is not off the hook! After he apologizes to the Hornbecks, he needs to find a good therapist.