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FOX News Bigotry: It’s Not Just For Sean Hannity Any More

Reported by Ellen - January 18, 2007 -

David Horowitz, whose Center for the Study of Popular Culture was listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of 17 right-wing foundations and think tanks supporting efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable, joined Hannity & Colmes last night (1/17/06) to speak – shout, really – about the anti-white bias at Duke University. Horowitz was up in arms that 88 faculty members of Duke had posted an open letter to the Duke community reiterating their concern about racism and sexism on campus. Horowitz called them a “lynch mob” and worse. With video.

Horowitz, who also has a history of lying and treason, also claimed, “The faculty set out to frame (the lacrosse defendants)… These professors believe that white people are guilty whether they do anything or not.”

While Horowitz spoke a chyron "just asked," “Liberal Bias Keeps Duke Profs From Recognizing The Truth?”

“Duke is not a racist environment,” Horowitz continued, though he offered no proof to back that up (he’s not an alumnus) other than to say, “$45,000 on Martin Luther King Day and they have people like Harry Belafonte come in and compare America to the Third Reich and American blacks to Jews in Nazi Germany.” He added that the “black center” is “the biggest, most opulent, most well-funded center on that campus.”

Keith Watters, a civil rights attorney, had the best line of the night. After explaining that the faculty members were trying to have a dialogue on the issues, Watters told Horowitz, “Obviously, you have a lot of anger in you and I think you could benefit from some conversation in this regard, also.”

“Ah, right, right. Calm down the white person,” Horowitz said snottily. He went on to shout about white people backing Kobe Bryant.

Horowitz started waving his arms as he yelled about Duke professors “parading anti-white insults.”

I invite everyone to read the faculty letter. I found nothing anti-white in it.

Sean Hannity, of course, concurred with Horowitz. “David’s on to the point,” Hannity told Watters. The “Liberal bias keeps Duke profs from recognizing the Truth?” banner was still on the screen.

Hannity can’t seem to get through a show without coming up with an example of anti-white discrimination (though he never finds any against blacks, except against black conservatives). “Where’s your outrage?” Hannity demanded over the “rush to judgment against the Duke players.” Read: why aren’t you sticking up for white people? You must be a racist.

Hannity also found anti-white racism in Watters’ explanation that the faculty wanted to address the issues of racial tensions on campus. For Hannity, that meant a condemnation of the white lacrosse players. “Oh, OK, so we don’t need a court of law anymore. We’ll just convict them in the court of Keith Watters and Alan Colmes.” In fact, neither Watters nor Colmes had said a word about the guilt or innocence of the players.

“This is just slander,” Horowitz shouted, arms waving again. “There is no racial ferment on the Duke campus… I just pointed out that the black students’ union and the John Hope Franklin Center – that is the richest, most deferred to center on campus. On Martin Luther King Day, Harry Belafonte called America the Third Reich… the president of the university was there, kissing his hand.”

Watters pointed out that the Duke faculty were more familiar with the goings-on on campus than Horowitz but Horowitz refused to acknowledge that obvious fact.

“The only lynch mob in America that is allowed to exist in America is a black lynch mob,” he bellowed.