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Fox News & the New York Post Provide Each Other Grist For the News Corp. Hate Mill

Reported by Melanie - January 12, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto opened his show today (January 12, 2007) with a series of mini-promos highlighting upcoming show topics. One was, "Well, a power struggle going on in Congress and it's not between Democrats and Republicans. Is it Nancy Pelosi going too far?"

(Does anyone remember hearing Fox ask whether Bill Frist was "going too far?")

After two segments on the meeting this weekend between Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (Cavuto: "...you should be very worried"... are they meeting to plan an "attack on the United States?") Cavuto introduced Chris Wallace.


Well, it looks like speaker Pelosi is in a power pose that has no end. Less than a week into the new session and already she's flexing her muscles, not just with Republicans but with fellow Democrats. The New York Post reporting House Ways & Means boss Charlie Rangel is very upset because Pelosi started talking about a tax hike without first consulting him. Reaction now from Washington insider and host of Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace. Chris, how bad is this fracture? A big deal or no?


Between Pelosi and Rangel? No. Not serious.

What Cavuto didn't tell his audience was that the New York Post is part of the Fox News family and it has the same political motivation as Fox. The two have a symbiotic relationship -- each providing the other with grist for the mill. (No, Cavuto did not tell his audience about the Post's relationship to Fox.)

Since the alleged Pelosi/Rangel fight was a ruse, and Cavuto's intro served as the daily Pelosi dig, Cavuto and Wallace spent a few minutes criticizing the Democrats for talking about "a tax hike" (propaganda-speak for rescinding Bush's tax cuts for the rich) and a few more minutes promoting Wallace's "exclusive interview" with Dick Cheney that will air on Wallace's show on Sunday.

Clever, huh? Kill three birds with one stone.