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Fox Redefines the Very, Very Rich: They're, "High Achievers"

Reported by Melanie - January 8, 2007 -

Fox fave Neal Boortz, yes Neal Boortz, was a guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto again today (January 8, 2007). Boortz was on to talk about, "Dems & Taxes: Is Anyone Safe?" The "anyone" wasn't anyone as in you and me and all of us, it was anyone as in the very, very rich -- not that Fox is waging class warfare or anything. Only "Dems" do that, right?

According to Boortz, uneducated, ignorant people like you and me and all of us just don't appreciate how special rich people are:

Democrats manage to still get mileage with the fair-share line because people just aren't educated. They don't understand the burden that the high achievers in this country already pay.

Again, according to Fox, "Dems" are the ones waging a class war and if you "just aren't educated" you just might believe it.