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O'Reilly's "Perfect Storm" - dig at George Clooney?

Reported by Chrish - January 6, 2007 -

The left is frequently accused of celebrating and enjoying the bad news out of Iraq - increased violence, benchmarks like the 3,000th death last week, and other tragic incidents that are cause for despair to anyone with a heart. Presumably the hatred of Bush is so deep that anything that "makes him look bad" is cause for cheering from the un-patriots, according to demonizers at FOX News and the rest of the right-wing media. Of course this is rubbish; these items are reported and bemoaned with sadness and frustration and anger.

But FOX head hypocrite Bill O'Reilly sure does like to trumpet and connect every little local incident into one giant national crisis (think "war on Christmas", lol) and in his own words, this week he struck a "Perfect Storm of Illegal Immigration Merging with Child Molestation." Woo woo, it's "I told you so" in triplicate!

He uses this isolated incident to further the talking points he champions: the southern border is still porous (what, the Democrats haven't taken care of that yet? ) and second, some members of the judiciary do not punish child predation as harshly as he would. In fact, although it has been speculated for a year or more that any proposed fence along the southern border will be too expensive and the legislation passed last year under Republicans only partially funded a partial fence, O'Reilly predicts that "Democratic Congress" will never fund it and the border will remain open, effectively blaming the Democrats for the inherited situation.

So to use his own logic, he is celebrating the bad news item to highlight his contempt for Democrats and liberals.