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Today FOX Added Polar Bears To Their Hit List

Reported by Deborah - January 5, 2007 -

Polar Bears are dying because the ice is melting and the animals are drowning. This is an undeniable fact that the Bush Administration has recently acknowledged but FOX News wouldn't want their viewers to think that Global Warming is a problem we need to solve any time soon and certainly not for the sake of the polar bears. This morning the Fox & Friends First trio had a few chuckles during their light hearted banter about the polar bears and John Gibson devoted his My Word to minimizing their plight.

This morning Steve Doocy, Andrew Napolitano and Gretchan Carlson had a little polar bear chat and the tone was far from concerned. Jabbering and joking while clips of polar bears slipping off cracking ice, Napolitano squealed that they were " so cute". Then a little cartoon was edited into the clip showing polar bears waiting in line for bags of ice.

Gretchan Carlson offering what she described as the other side of the issue said that the animals had been depleted by too much hunting and recently their numbers had increased. She explained that now the numbers would go down again because of melting ice as if that made perfect sense.

John Gibson got right to the point make the drowning and starving bears a political issue. Somehow Gibson believes that there are more than enough polar bears and environmentalists are using them to pressure the President into actually doing something about global warming.

Turns out the polar bear is being used by environmental groups to force the Bush administration to cave on global warming. To admit it is here, to admit it is bad, and to ratchet back the U.S. economy to slow down our production of greenhouse gases, which would save the polar bears habitat from melting, maybe, even if there are more and more polar bears around to watch their habitat melt.

Gibson couldn't care less about the bears or the real horror here that the polar ice is melting. Call me crazy but that fact terrifies me. Gibson ended his piece with an out of touch anti environmental talking point.

I've seen logging stopped this way, fishing stopped, and now with the polar bear mega population in danger of breaking into a sweat, a whole lot of things might be stopped if environmentalists get their way.

Gibson better wake up soon because a whole lot of things will be stopped if environmentalists don't get their way.