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I'm Baaack ...

Reported by Nancy - January 1, 2007 -

Yep, boys & girls, I'm finally back. The shortest explanation for my prolonged absence is that I had a major, serious illness. Here's a slightly longer but still *brief* summary (trust me, I could write a very long book about all of this):

At the end of January '06/beginning of February, I went blind in my left eye, literally overnight. Within a couple of days, the vision in my right eye started to deteriorate. My first thought was "omigawd I've got a brain
tumor" but I told myself to quit acting like a drama queen, 30 yeas of working in cancer research had skewed my take on everything, & hopefully it would just be cataracts or some other problem that would be
fairly simple to fix. Tuns out my first thought was correct: I had a brain tumor. Eventually, I had the appropriate treatment (surgery). Fortunately, the tumor was benign (meningioma). Unfortunately, its location had allowed it to destroy all the optic nerves to my left eye, & about half of the ones to my right eye. So now I'm legally blind, & learning to cope with that. Needless to say, I won't be monitoring any FOX TV programs any longer! But my blogmates (bless 'em all for their patience & caring & everything else during this past year!) have agreed to let me try monitoring a couple of the radio programs that some of the Fox "personalities" (I use the term loosely) have, like O'Reilly & Hannity. And, as I get more comfortable with using my computer & various pieces of software, I'll try to resume some of the "other" stuff I used to be responsible for, but which my blogmates have been so great at covering while I was, er, indisposed.

So 2006 pretty much sucked for me. Here's hoping 2007 is one whole helluva lot better!

NOTE: Gimme a break on the typos for a while, OK? :)