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John Edwards announces bid for presidency; FOX commences tearing him down

Reported by Chrish - December 28, 2006 -

Julie Banderas subbed for John Gibson today 12/28/06 on The Big Story and did a short hit piece on Democrat John Edwards, who formally annnounced his presidential intentions this morning. The talking point was casting doubt on Edwards' sincerity about fighting poverty because he is a wealthy man who is spending money on his own home ("an extraaavagant mansion"). Kirsten Powers defended him as Republican strategist Michelle Laxalt opined that one can't be wealthy AND a champion of the poor.

Banderas said that "Edwards says he can understand the problems of some of the poorest people in America, BUT can he? " She said "the Democrat" worth is reportedly over $30 million, and while addressing the people struggling to get by, he is also putting finishing touches on his multi-million dollar mansion.

The two panelists came on and Laxalt immediately dubbed him a "limousine liberal" with an estate "that would make the Kennedy compound look like a cottage" as "Luxury Living" and a few financial items appeared on the screen, confirming that Edwards is indeed wealthy by any standard, and she doesn't think "he'll be able to sell it."

Powers first defense was that Edwards recognizes that he now has an even greater responsibility to help the poor. He personifies the American dream, having grown up poor and being a self-made man, and since when do Republicans have a problem with that?

Well, since he made his money being an attorney - or rather, a "trial lawyer." Laxalt said that "he hasn't worked in a number of years" (that number being 2) as if he is a loafing, self-indulgent rich brat. She doesn't mention his wife's breast cancer battle and his self-education in world affairs, though she does acknowledge that he has been to NOLA at least four times in the past year.

Laxalt sid that there's nothing wrong with trial lawyers, BUT "people" were supportive of tort reform because they recognized that trial lawyers were getting hugely rich on the backs of their clients. (That is wrong on so many levels.) Powers gave her earful, saying that Republicans are also rich (comment: just about anyone who runs for office anymore is rich - money attracts money) and it is a low blow for people to come out and attack him for having money. She advocates that people talk about what actually happened there (in NOLA) and what needs to be done rather than attacking the messenger. Laxalt pretends to agree, BUT said it's one thing to talk about the plight of the poor while he was "arguably unemployed" for "a number of years" (2) when he could have been spending theose years working hand-in-glove with the victims. Powers interrupted that he had been there four times, but Laxalt dismissed that - "four hits" - and said there's nothing wrong with being rich but if he's not willing to walk the walk that's different.

And so it goes: Edwards, a self-made millionaire who made his fortune representing individuals against corporations - and winning - announced his candidacy and his intentions to help the poorest Americans, is a villain on FOX and must be immediately weakened. Most of the footage of him was with African-Americans (repeated loops of him in a photo-op with a bunch of kids) and John Kerry - that connection of two years ago will be used against him repeatedly, no doubt. Some of the "talking point" banners that ran below the discussion:

John Edwards building $3.1 million dollar mansion
Report: new Edwards mansion being built on 100 acres
John Edwards lives in luxury: says he relates to poor
Edwards is reportedly worth more than $30 million

Keep an eye out to see how FOX reports Rudy Giuliani's newfound wealth. He "quietly opened Giuliani Capital Advisors, a 100-person investment bank on April 30, reported by the good old Daily News, the same day Rudy met with Republicans in Iowa, in search of the commander in chief gig." John McCain, like it was pointed out with John Kerry, married a fortune (Anheuser-Busch). Fair and balanced - bring it on.