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Tom DeLay Resurfaces: Dr. Evil Pulling Strings Again, Declares Open Season on Obama

Reported by Marie Therese - December 14, 2006 -

Barack Obama's meteoric rise from unknown freshman Senator to bestselling author, sell-out speaker and potential Presidential candidate has the power-players in the GOP really nervous.* For two days the mix-and-match hosts on FOX & Friends, FOX News' low-rent version of Pee-wee's Playhouse, gave us all a little preview of what will ubdoubtedly become a full-blown right-wing media assault against Senator Obama. At one point, in an unusual moment of candor, FOX News admitted that it is Tom Delay who is spearheading the anti-Obama smear campaign.

On Tuesday (December 12th) F&F aired Obama's really clever and funny ad for Monday Night Football. However, before and after showing the clip, Doocy, Kilmeade and Carlson (sounds rather like a shady law firm, doesn't it?) began trashing the Illinois senator.

STEVE DOOCY: Right now, the political headwinds are all going for Barack Obama. I think he was - I think he was officially inaugurated the next President of the United States a couple of nights ago, wasn't he? Or was it just last night?

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Well, when he was in New Hampshire ...

BRIAN KILMEADE: And on the New York Times Besteller - same thing!

CARLSON: Well, you know what? Obama actually - Barack Obama, we should call him - made a surprise ...

DOOCY: Barack Hussein Obama.

CARLSON: Oh. Right. Oh. I forgot about that.

Comment: She "forgot" about what, exactly? It sure sounded like Ms. Carlson had been given a script ahead of time, with specific instructions to mention Obama's middle name. Then, when she forgot, her boss, Steve Doocy, gave her a little reminder. I have long suspected that, in the real world, Steve Doocy is not the plastic-faced, giggly bozo-next-door that he pretends to be on F&F. Also, I owe a big News Hound hat tip to reader Bill J. for bringing my attention to this subtle exchange about Obama's middle name.

After airing the football commercial, the trio segued into their stock "gotcha" schtick.

KILMEADE: But, now, more on Obama. People are saying they gotta look into his record. So far, he's charismatic. He's a tremendous speaker. He's comin' off that 2004 performance in Boston at the Democratic National Convention. He's got two national bestsellers and now he's as popular as it gets, but upon further review, he has some holes - some chinks in the armor. Perhaps, his dealings, which he says he now regrets, to an indicted realtor who's been doin' some dicey land deals.

CARLSON: Uh-oh. Another land deal? What is it about politicians and buying land?

KILMEADE: Well, he did good. He apologized right away.

DOOCY: Yeah. You're talkin' about the deal with Tony Rezko and here's the thing. In 2004, after Obama got that big book advance, he went and bought a $1.65 million Illinois mansion ...

KILMEADE: I did, too, but I bought it from a guy a little bit more reputable.

COMMENT: The green-eyed monster (envy) rears its ugly head on FOX & Friends!

DOOCY: Yeah, sure. And - with woodpeckers?

KILMEADE: Yeah. Woodpeckers. Yeah.

DOOCY: That's an old story. Anyway, the same day that Obama closed on his place, this guy who's been indicted, bought a big tract of land right next to Obama and then, a couple of months later, Barack decides to expand his yard a little bit and buys a sliver of the land. The guy had paid $600,000 for that land. Mr. Obama wound up payin' for his portion a fraction of that, just about $100,000. Too cozy. And, as Brian said, Mr. Obama has apologized.

KILMEADE: But he does have a big back yard now.

CARLSON: OK. And one other quick thing ...

DOOCY: Enormous!!

CARLSON: There's been a lot of talk about do we know about Barack Obama? Just want to point this out (reading), that the liberal lobbying group Americans for Democratic Action - they give him a one hundred percent voting rating. That's five point left of Ted Kennedy. So he gets a hundred percent on voting relatively - or very - liberal during his time.

DOOCY: And the ...

KILMEADE: And [indecipherable]

DOOCY: The other thing to remember is that everybody who's on Capitol Hill now in the Democratic - on that side of the aisle - said: You know, it's time to do some bi-partisan thinking, everybody needs to be bi-partisan, but if you examine, according to the Congressional Quarterly, if you examine Mr. Obama's record, he has voted with the Democrats 97% of the time. That is higher than Hillary Clinton. and it is dead even with a fellow by the name of John Kerry.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Barack Obama has known Tony Rezko since 1990 (16 years) and considers him a friend.

Steve Doocy implied that Rezko was under indictment in June 2005, when the two pieces of property were purchased, and that Rezko's purchase occurred after Obama's purchase, neither of which is the case. Also, Doocy lied and claimed Obama only waited "a couple of months" to buy his "sliver" of land. Apparently Doocy can't add or subtract the months of the year! Obama purchased the extra tract of land in January 2006. That is six - not two - months later.

Doocy then deliberately conflated statistics of PAST Democratic votes, cast under a Republican leadership that literally quashed the opposing party at every turn, with promises made by Democrats of FUTURE policy regarding bi-partisanship. There is no connection whatsoever between how someone voted in the past and an attitude of bi-partisanbship in the future. Yet, sadly, once more FOX News viewers were left with the mistaken beliefs and hazy assumptions.

During the same show, criminal mastermind Tom "The Hammer" DeLay appeared, declaring that he has started his own blog. (Guess he figures he'll still be able to put together cyber power deals from prison!)

The day after this "bash Obama" fest, F&F did a routine segment on how much Tom DeLay dislikes Hillary Clinton, the woman he has made the "nemesis" of the conservatives in America. Steve Doocy noted that DeLay truly believes that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy working to get Clinton elected. That "powerful" conspiracy consists of left-wing bloggers, MoveOn.org, the mainstream media, Harold Ickes, Paul Begala, James Carville, John Wolfson, etc.

Then Steve Doocy said something surprising.

DOOCY: "Now, one other thing. He also urged conser - Tom DeLay himself, seen here back when he used to have a key to that big building - he urged conservative bloggers to investigate Obama because he said that - uh - he condemned Barack Obama for his quote "Marxist, leftist voting record" and accused Obama of trying to hide his liberal leanings while on the campaign trail. Remember, right now, he's not really on the campaign trail. He's really out pushin' a book and so, while he's in this honeymoon phase with the media, where - everywhere Barack Obama goes, they just love him. Tom DeLay says you gotta go check it out."

I've got news for Tom-Tom the Blogger Man.

We won.

You lost.

Get over it.

Video of Wednesday's segment.

* Note: The word "spooked", which was in my original post, has been changed to "nervous." A few hours ago, a particularly vile troll wrote a comment implying that the word "spooked" was racist. I immediately deleted his/her comment and went about my business, thinking the comment was ridiculous. However, it kept bugging me, so a few minutes ago I looked up the word "spook" and discovered that, when used as a noun, it can sometimes have offensive racial connotations. I was unaware of this. Since I did not want there to be any possibility that our African-American readers would take my use of the word in the wrong way, I elected to change it to the more neutral "nervous". I apologize if my ignorance caused any offense. - MT