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Parody of ACLU Falls Flat

Reported by Marie Therese - December 6, 2006 -

A few days ago, members of the Young Conservatives of Texas crafted their own anti-ACLU parody of the nativity scene. Called "The ACLU Solstice Barn" it features a gay couple ("Gary and Joseph") as the parents of Jesus, a terrorist as an angel and shows Lenin, Marx and Stalin as the Three Wise Men.

It is on display at the Univeristy of Texas campus in Austin.

However, unlike the right wing, who have no sense of humor about their anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-choice, pro-Christian message, representatives of the ACLU have responded with tolerance.

As Steve Doocy explained on this morning's FOX & Friends: "The ACLU, meanwhile, they commented on it and they said 'You know what? We think it's festive.' And one of the ACLU members in Texas said ' Keep in mind nothing in the First Amendment requires that it be accurate with the information. The First Amendment protects parody as well.' Clearly that is what they [the Young Conservatives] are going for and they make a very good point.'"

Democractic Underground has the pictures.

As for the ACLU, they lived up to their core belief that all forms of speech are protected in these United States of America.