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Hannity’s Bigoted Bender Continues

Reported by Ellen - December 5, 2006 -

Sean Hannity continued his spree of attacks on blacks last night (12/4/06) on Hannity & Colmes. While there seems to be no issue of importance to mainstream African-Americans – Katrina, voting rights, civil rights, police brutality, poverty, education, etc. that Hannity cares to discuss, he and the FOX News producers have a voracious appetite for covering incidents of racism toward whites, bad behavior of blacks and any other news that might portray white rights in a fragile state. Last night, the FOX News gang dug up some 2005 video of a former African-American professor advocating the extermination of whites and skewed the reporting to make it seem as though the speaker was part of Howard University. Updated with video.

Sean Hannity played the October, 2005 video without revealing that it was more than a year old. Hannity said “That was former North Carolina State University professor Kamau Kambon. He was speaking at a forum on Hurricane Katrina media coverage at Howard University Law School.” While it’s true Kambon was speaking at Howard, FOX News reported last year that the forum used Howard’s space but was neither sponsored nor endorsed by the university. However, Hannity failed to make that distinction.

The sole guest for the discussion was Hannity’s favorite African-American, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. Rev. Peterson can always be counted on to vilify other blacks as racist so it’s no surprise Hannity is a big fan of his. “How widespread is a thought process like this?” Hannity asked Peterson. The question suggests Hannity thinks that many African-Americans think like Kambon.

Peterson said, “It’s commonplace.” He and Hannity reminisced about the alleged anti-white racism of recent H&C guests NYC Councilman Charles Barron and James Myart, a civil rights attorney, who called Hannity a “rich, white boy” last week. “Racist blacks have the freedom of expression when it comes to the issue of race and morality,” Peterson said, “But white folks are made to be quiet and not even mention race.”

In Alan Colmes’ portion of the interview, Peterson criticized other blacks for not condemning Kambon’s comments and complained about “not hearing anything from Howard University.” In fact, FOX News’ own report in October, 2005 stated that Howard “totally repudiated” Kambon’s remarks.

“(Kambon’s) representative of most racist blacks like the so-called civil rights leaders, the NAACP,” Peterson told Colmes. “They may not want to exterminate, but they definitely want to divide and conquer.” He related an incident where two white women had been badly beaten by a group of black girls last Halloween, that got no news coverage. “Had white women beat up black girls or black women, it would be all over the news.”

At the end, Hannity asked Peterson if he had been bothered by Michael Richards’ use of the “n” word. No, Peterson said. “What bothers me is that white folks are building anger, they have a lot of anger because they are falsely accused of being racist and because they can’t speak out about it, it’s gonna come out at the wrong time and the wrong place and then you’re gonna have Jackson and others coming in and saying ‘See, we told you white people are racist. Give me some money.’ And that’s why white America will have to start speaking up.”

“Always love having you,” Hannity told Peterson and said he was proud to be on the board of Peterson’s non-profit organization.

For someone facing genocide, Hannity couldn’t have looked happier.