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FOX News Double Standard On Stoned Celebrities: DeVito vs. Coulter

Reported by Ellen - December 1, 2006 -

For the second night in a row, Hannity & Colmes discussed Danny DeVito’s apparently drunken behavior on The View, complete with video which was repeatedly replayed during the discussion. Last night, November 30, 2006, Sean Hannity was on his favorite mount, the high horse, about a “double standard” in celebrity drunkenness. He made the false claim that only conservatives like Mel Gibson get in trouble while liberals like DeVito get a pass. But Hannity conveniently “forgot” about the night Ann Coulter could not conduct a coherent discussion or the night she abruptly left an interview in the middle. Not only did she get a pass, she has been repeatedly invited back on FOX News as well as other networks.

The guests for the DeVito segment were Rich Lowry and Ellis Henican. Lowry wasted no time in complaining, “If this were a conservative…” Colmes and Henican groaned. But neither mentioned Coulter.

Hannity, probably the richest perpetual victim on the planet (except, maybe, Bill O’Reilly) whined, “I think what we’re really dealing with here, though on a lot of different levels is a double standard.” For the zillionth time, the race-obsessed Hannity compared Robert Byrd, a former Klansman who renounced his past decades ago, with Trent Lott.

“If we’re gonna accept that if celebrities say stupid things when they’re drunk, Mel Gibson was discussed and ostracized forever,” Hannity continued.

Lowry conceded, “What Gibson said was worse," but, he added, "You’re correct that there are people out to get him in a big way (because of the Passion)… and when DeVito goes on the show, he’s friends with everyone, he’s a member of the club, oh, it’s just a drunk guy.”

Lowry went on to complain that “you cannot get the media exercised about Robert Byrd’s Klan past.” Note to FOX News conservatives. Your concern about Byrd’s past would be a lot more believable if you showed a little more concern about racism or African-American issues in the here and now.

Meanwhile, nobody mentioned Ann Coulter’s humiliating “Boombox” interview in which she could hardly put together a coherent sentence. I found video of it here (scroll down to BOOMBOX! BOOMBOX!). That was not the only time Coulter appeared stoned on the show. There was this night, too. There was also the night she cut and ran from a few tough questions from substitute host Kirsten Powers. Besides her likely substance abuse problem, Coulter is also under investigation for voter fraud in Florida, a felony. There have been allegations of plagiarism, too. Colmes asked Coulter once about the voter fraud and, surprisingly, she claimed to live in New York. That may mean she has committed tax fraud, too. But since then, she has re-appeared on Hannity & Colmes and been warmly received by the hosts many times.

There is also a string of other disgraced conservative regulars whose scandals are kept under wraps at FOX News: Bernard Kerik, Tom DeLay, Oliver North, Dick Morris, Robert Novak, Mark Fuhrman, and G. Gordon Liddy, to name not so few.