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Sean Hannity Erupts Into Frenzy Of Bigoted Anger

Reported by Ellen - November 30, 2006 -

Sean Hannity became unhinged with racist hatred last night, November 29, 2006, toward a civil rights attorney who dared to call for a Congressional investigation into the use of force by police across the country. Rather than debate this important issue, Hannity spewed accusations of racism at James Myart who presented his ideas in a reasonable, even-handed manner that indicated no trace of racism. Hannity, on the other hand, seemed almost berserk with hatred toward a man who had done nothing to him. It was very clear which one was the real racist. With video.

As I posted last time, Hannity makes a habit of using African-Americans as boogeymen whom he accuses of “playing racial politics.” He did the same thing last night with Attorney Myart. He was first identified as the former attorney for Cynthia McKinney, a favorite Hannity scapegoat, and the TV screen’s banner repeatedly identified him as such, despite the fact that the discussion had nothing to do with McKinney. So Hannity fans were primed by “fair and balanced” FOX News to dislike Myart from the start.

Hannity never allowed Myart to discuss his ideas but, rather, used the interview for his own aggressive grandstanding. “Obviously, based on what you wrote here, you’re pretty ignorant about the facts in the case,” Hannity accused, yet never identified which facts Myart got wrong.

With hostile zeal, Hannity continued, “You know what you’re doing and I want all of America to listen very closely. You are inciting racial divisiveness. You are inciting racial conflict in this country. You won’t even give police officers the benefit of the doubt. You won’t live by the concept that people are innocent until proven guilty because of your political agenda and your desire for power. Isn’t that what this is about?”

Comment: What about the innocence of the dead bridegroom in NYC? Hannity conveniently forgot about that. Furthermore, where was Hannity’s outrage over divisiveness the night before when white “anti-illegal immigration advocate” John Monti complained that San Diego police had committed “a hate crime” in not investigating his scuffle with Mexican migrants that had left him with a number of scratches and abrasions that the FOX News cameras took great pains to detail. “If it had been eight white guys attacking a migrant I think they would have already tried and convicted the people in the court of public opinion and you know we would have heard of all this sanctimonious rhetoric already about, you know, this can never happen again.” Monti also made the outrageous claim that migrants live in shantytowns because they want to, so they can avoid paying rent, among other reasons. Hannity not only didn’t mind those statements, he treated Monti with solicitous credulity throughout the interview.

Alan Colmes seemed embarrassed by Hannity’s display. Colmes discussed the issues with Attorney Myart in a calm and meaningful way. Once he had a chance to collect his thoughts after Hannity’s histrionics, Myart pointed out to Colmes that it’s not just black people who are the victims of police shootings, that a poor, white man had been shot in Las Vegas, Nevada 23 times by police. “What I’m talking about is a culture of violence in this country by police officers against black and brown and poor whites. I’m also talking about a culture of violence of some people against police. We need some sanity in these circumstances and we do not have it.” Myart went on to say that he wants to see a national policy on the use of force by law enforcement officials. He re-iterated that it’s not a matter of criticizing police but protecting everybody. “I am not indicting all police officers across this country. That would be absolutely ridiculous. Most police officers are good, honest, hard-working men and women. But there is a culture of police officers out there…”

Hannity interrupted and started up again in his bullyboy voice. “We gotta run…. If there’s any national disgrace, it’s your rush to judgment in this particular case and your use of racial politics for your own aggrandizement.” Before cutting off Myart for good, Hannity called him a racist.

Frankly, I think this is disgusting and intolerable behavior on Hannity’s part. Just as I have done when he accuses Democrats of being unpatriotic and worse, I am going to write to sponsors every time he starts acting like a bigot. Tonight’s targeted sponsor is Philips Sonicare (the electric toothbrush). Here is the webmail link. I will post my email to them in the comments.

You can also email Hannity at [email protected] or FOX News at [email protected] or Colmes at [email protected].