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Fred Barnes Claims Democrats " Vindictive Against Well To Do"

Reported by Deborah - November 20, 2006 -

Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke made a distorted analysis of the Democratic Party's Agenda on Beltway Boys,11/18. Barnes claimed that Democrats plan to raise taxes even if they deny it adding they have no reason to do it except " vindictiveness against the well to do". He wasn't clear if wealthy Democrats could be considered " well to do" so maybe that archaic term only applies to Republicans like Barnes.

The Boys had a list of all the stuff the Democratic Party has planned for the poor unsuspecting folks who voted for them.
1. Iraq
2. John Bolton: Democrats are blind to his charms.
3. Taxes: Barnes admitted that Democrats aren't saying they'll raise taxes but they want to change tax policy. In other words, Barnes likes those fat tax breaks for the " well to do"
4. Raise Minimum Wage: Barnes seemed to think a raise to $7.25 was a bit much because he opined that they would probably make a deal over the amount. It seems well to do Barnes thinks $290.a week is a bit extravagant despite the fact that he probably spends that for New York parking every week.
5.Investigation:The Boys complained that "supeonas will fly". One of the Boys thought it was ridiculous that Democrats will " be looking for some memo that says Bush lied." It seems integrity is not high on the B Boys list of priorities.

Mort Kondracke added quickly that a few good things might happen like better healthcare for children, more financial aid for college and funding the No Child Left Behind Act. The way he spit out the words, one might think that these were minor issues hardly worth noting.

The Beltway Boys are about to be forced out of their comfort zones and they don't like it one bit.