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Mort Kondracke, Supposed Moderate, Calls Nancy Pelosi "Wicked Witch of the West"

Reported by Janie - November 17, 2006 -

During last night's (11/16) "All Star Panel" on "Special Report with Brit Hume", the panel discussed John Murtha's (D - PA) loss to Steny Hoyer (D - MD) for House Majority Leader. During the discussion, supposed moderate Mort Kondracke referred to newly elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the "Wicked Witch of the West."

MK: "So the history on the House leadership – we had the Hammer, Tom Delay, and now we have the Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi. Who’s twisting arms and having her aids, making threats."

There was no correction or apology issued for this blatant partisanship in "news."

To contact "Special Report" about this travesty, e-mail [email protected]