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Geraldo goes waaaay off-script on upcoming OJ Simpson book and TV program

Reported by Chrish - November 15, 2006 -

FOX News has already begun promoting the upcoming OJ Simpson book (published by News Corp. holding Harper Collins) and television program (to be aired on FOX television) in which Simpson is interviewed by News Corp. employee Judith Regan. The premise of the book and interview is Simpson telling how he "would have" commited the double murder of his ex-wife and her friend, IF he had done it. Geraldo was having none of this cutesy hypothetical and vowed to talk down the book and the program at every opportunity.

Rivera didn't hold back when asked what he thought of the book:

"I think it's disgusting. I think he's a murdering liar. I think he's demonstrating that he made a fool (sic) of the jury in Los Angeles and all the black community across the country that supported him. This sleazy, low-down murdering dog who killed his ex-wife, the mother of his children, as they slept upstairs, who almost cut her head off, who killed Ron Goldman, an innocent man, who owes a 33.5 million dollar civil judgment against these families, now he's doing this trick....This guy doesn't cease to insult our intelligence. I think it really is the most appalling thing I've ever seen."

Geraldo, tell us how you really feel.

The conversation continued in ths vein, and Rivera implicated Harper Collins as well, saying they were using this cutesy confession as a facade of respectability - the real story is he's confessed and should give up his golf clubs and the blond hookers he hangs out with, and go to prison.

Rivera doesn't have a feel for who's going to watch or not watch the show, but he "[doesn't] know who is going to buy this damn book." He pledged to "bash this project every minute I have the opportunity to bash this project. This is an appalling idea. This is a sleaze-ball murderin' dog and he has played us for fools."

Kudoes to Geraldo for being straight regardless of what hot water it might get him into with the powers at News Corp. Raspberries to News Corp. for paying the sleazeball murdering dog $3.5 million, and resurrecting the pain and suffering of the surviving families.