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Bill O'Reilly brags he turned the tide on embryonic stem cell research

Reported by Chrish - November 2, 2006 -

O'Reilly announced tonight 11/2/06 on The Factor that his "reporting" (innuendo and smears) about Jim and Virginia Stowers has affected enough voters in Missouri to turn them from Democrat Claire McCaskill, who will back the expanded research, to incumbent Jim Talent, who does not because of religious views.

During a segment with RealCLearPolitics.com editor John McIntyre they touched on various Congressional races across the country. On Missouri;

BOR "This is a very interesting race because of the stem-cell controversey, Talent and McCaskill in MO. How do you see this one going?"

JM "Yeah. That race has been back and forth the entire campaign. Talent may have a little bit of an edge, ever so slight, because the stem cell amendment, the momentum in that is all against it now. And that was thought it was going to pass and right now it's in jeopardy..."

BOR (Interrupts, as is his habit) "That shifting - our reporting shifted that, I think. Our reporting right here shifted that because we said look, big money behind it, they could benefit from it financially, and then with the spot that they put up, it's not all black and white."

So vague and unsubstantiated smears against an upstanding philanthropic couple whose goal is to further science and medicine for everyone, including O'Reilly and his family, is apparently not a fireable offense at FOX News - as long as it's helping a Republican.