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Brit Hume Spins Mike Stark Incident

Reported by Janie - November 1, 2006 -

As we predicted yesterday, Fox took the liberty of spinning the Mike Stark story to make it appear as though the entire incident was Stark's fault, and he deserved what happened to him. On "Special Report" last night (10/31) Brit Hume viciously spun the story in favor of Allen, referring to Stark as a "heckler" who was removed "after shouting at the top of his lungs", but Hume refused to show the entire video clip available, which showed Stark simply attempting to ask his Senator a question.

Hume growled, "In Charlottesville today, a heckler (his emphasis), loudly accused (my emphasis) Senator Allen of spitting at his former wife. Three supporters, who are not part of Allen's campaign, dragged out the man, a liberal blogger named Mike Stark, then wrestled him to the floor."

Comment: Stark was not there to "heckle" anyone, and certainly didn't accuse Allen of spitting on his former wife, he simply asked a question about an accusation the Main Stream Media is refusing to report on.

As a matter of fact, what Stark said was "Why did you spit on your first wife?". There was no accusation that Allen did (but as we've seen in Fox's version of journalism, a question does denote an accusation), but Hume attempts to spin in that way.

During Hume's "reporting", the video of the incident was playing. The problem, however; was the video clip Hume chose to show began after Stark was first thrown to the ground. It did not show Stark asking the question (because this would nullify Hume's argument), or Allen's goonies first attacking. You can view the full video here.

Hume continued, "Witnesses say Stark was removed after shouting at the top of his lungs."

Comment: This was an Allen campaign event. Think about who exactly these "witnesses" would be: Allen supporters. The video which Hume refused to show would do a better job of explaining what happened, but instead Hume uses the testimony of partisans that were attending the campaign event.

Hume went on, "Stark has tried to disrupt other Allen campaign appearances, including one in August, when he loudly asked Allen if he ever used a common six letter epithet against blacks."

Comment: First - Stark did not "disrupt" any event, as Hume claims. At the time, Allen was leaving the event to talk to the media. According to the local news station,

"Prior to the incident, Senator Allen was rallying with North Carolina senator Elizabeth Dole and local supporters."

The event was completed prior to the incident, yet Hume tries to portray that Stark interrupted the actual campaign event.

Second, notice what Hume says about the previous incident when Stark attempted to ask Allen a question about his use of the "N" word. It has been widely reported that Allen used this derogatory term - but take a look at how Hume phrases it:

"...he loudly asked Allen if he ever used a common six letter epithet against blacks."

COMMON?! The "N" word is COMMON? Sure - among racists. It seems Hume is trying to lessen the meaning of the word, by making it appear as though it were no big deal to use it, because it's "COMMON".

Hume finished this ridiculous hack-job, "And on his blog yesterday, Stark used the reference to the 1984 Michael Moore documentary "Roger and Me" to hint that he would try to provoke Allen in front of TV cameras."

Comment: For anyone that has seen "Roger and Me", which Hume understands that his viewers have not, knows that the point was not to "provoke", but to get answers Roger Smith refused to provide.

This "report" was filled with lies, spin and outrageous claims that have no basis in fact. We predicted Fox would cover the story this way - but even this was simply beyond the pale.

To contact "Special Report" about this travesty, please e-mail [email protected]