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Garrett Nearly Pleads for GOP Voters to Get Fired Up

Reported by Judy - October 30, 2006 -

Major Garrett nearly pleaded for Republican voters to get fired up in the last week before the Nov. 7 election, warning that he has seen "malaise" among GOP voters. In a news report on Fox News' "Live Desk" on Monday (October 30, 2006) Garrett did not mention Democratic voters' moods and get out of the vote efforts at all, as he kept the focus where Fox likes it.

Garrett began his report with video of George Bush campaigning in Georgia for a Republican candidate trying to unseat Democratic incumbent John Barrow. Garrett said that Barrow voted for the Bush tax cuts and that he "has supported many, although not all, of the toughest GOP moves against illegal immigration, all with the intention of trying to keep GOP national security attacks on him to a minimum."

Exactly how does Garrett know that was Barrow's intention? It may have been the effect of the votes, but unless Garrett is a mind-reader, he has no way of knowing what Barrow's intention was. Garrett did not quote anyone who said Barrow told him that was his intention, nor did he quote anyone who said they thought that was why Barrow voted the way he did. Garrett just flat out stated it as fact when it is nothing more than opinion.

MacCallum then asked Garrett what issues the Republicans are stressing. She never asked what issues the Democrats are stressing. Then MacCallum steered the discussion toward Karl Rove's political skill.

Garrett declared that if Republicans keep control of Congress, Rove "will be declared an absolute political genius because the odds are certainly against Republicans holding the House and less so against them holding control of the United States Senate. So all this is going to go down to Karl Rove’s ability to find those Republican voters, district by district, in some cases block by block, make sure their phones are run, their doors are knocked, literature is in their hands, and come election day they turn out."

Had Garrett bothered to check with Democrats, he might have found out that they do exactly the same type of get-out-the-vote effort--district by district and even block by block. But Garrett wasn't into "fair and balanced" Monday.

Then Garrett went on to try to warn Republican voters.

"I’ll tell you in my travels, Martha, the last two weeks I have detected more Republican fatigue, more Republican malaise, if you will, about showing up at the polls than I have the last two election cycles," he said.

"This is the crucial thing for Republicans, making sure even those Republican voters who may be a little dissatisfied with the way things are going, show up, nevertheless and pull that lever for Republicans. If Karl Rove can pull that off, he will have achieved a major, major come back victory, not only for the president, but for Republicans in general.”

Getting voters to the polls is crucial for Democrats, too, but Garrett did not mention that. He was not filing a story about competing get-out-the-vote efforts, an it-all-comes-down-to-turn-out type story. Instead, Garrett was delivering a warning to Republicans to get in gear or they will lose. And he was doing it in the guise of news.