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Neither Hannity Nor Colmes Amused By Dennis Miller’s Smear Of Nancy Pelosi Disguised As Humor.

Reported by Ellen - October 27, 2006 -

I never thought I’d say this about anyone but Dennis Miller made Sean Hannity look like a class act last night (10/26/06) on Hannity & Colmes. Miller offered up another mean-spirited diatribe, this time against Nancy Pelosi, that was supposed to be humor, FOX News style. Once again, Miller reveled in his own sharp maliciousness which he took for wit. The only thing I found funny was the unamused looks on the faces of the hosts after the video ended. Hannity has been fixated, himself, on Pelosi and I previously thought no smear was too low for him. Apparently, I was wrong.

Miller started out nasty. “The mere thought of the nosy neighbor from Bewitched as third in line has stoked me into a Rainman-like panic attack. A quick glance at her record reveals she voted to cut intelligence spending.” He chuckled. “Well, if anyone in the universe should vote for more intelligence, it’s Nancy Pelosi. Let’s just say that the whistle on Representative Pelosi’s train of thought is barely audible off in the distance.”

In fact, I could find no such vote in Pelosi’s record. I checked the voting database of Washingtonpost.com, govtrack.us and Congresswoman Pelosi’s own website. Given that she sits ex officio on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, it’s hard to imagine that she really voted in any way that she thought would harm it.

Miller went on to say that it gave him “Krakatoian Schpillkus to think that a C-, D+ applicant like this who, no doubt would have been drummed out of the Mary Kay corps after a initial 4 week evaluation period, might have a seat at the table of true power as Speaker of the House, is absolutely insane.”

For "balance," Miller took a brief swipe at Dennis Hastert’s weight and warned whomever the next Speaker is, that the “rotund” Hastert might have left such a deep indentation in his chair, “we would hate to lose you to a tragic black hole incident.” A “cute” graphic of Pelosi sinking into his chair appeared on the screen.

Miller called Pelosi, in her “little Chanel suits,” “a latter day Whackie O regurgitating the Democratic talking points that she had to learn phonetically.”

He claimed that Pelosi won’t be speaker for long, if at all. “(Democrats) can’t afford to let this mask of Nefertiti for Harridans front their party for the next two years because it will blow away any toe-hole they’ve established with real humans. 712 days of observation by the American people of a political entity this empty will drive this country right back through conservatism and directly into the Pilgrims Colony at Plymouth Rock.” A doctored photo of Pelosi dressed as a pilgrim was shown.

Still going with the metaphors and similes, Miller said, “Pelosi has already blown through the Peter Principle like Gene Hackman under the El tracks in the French Connection.” A video of Hackman on the verge of a car crash played for a few moments.

Miller concluded his stand-up routine with a grand finale. “Making Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House would allow her to break Chance the gardener’s longstanding record for highest rung achieved on the ladder of success by a person who could not open a ladder by his or her self.”

Can we expect some anti-Bush humor soon on the "fair and balanced" network? Somehow, I doubt it.

When the camera went back to the studio (screenshot below), neither Hannity nor Colmes looked amused. A non-smiling SH said “Alright, we’re going to have a special program tomorrow night.”
You can watch the video on the Hannity & Colmes webpage.