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War on Christmas 2006 - shots fired

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2006 -

Oh for crying out loud, like there's not enough real war to deal with and bogus culture wars to ignore, Bill O'Reilly is reviving the ridiculous war on Christmas just in time to remind voters how "SPs" (Democrats, who is he kidding) are going to take away Santa and baby Jesus if elected.

The item was quite fittingly under his "most ridiculous item" category .

Good news for traditional Americans: By a vote 9-5, the Milwaukee City Council has voted to change the name of the Christmas tree back to the Christmas tree.

In 1995, politically correct pinheads demanded Milwaukee dump the word "Christmas" and call the tree in Red Arrow Park the "Holiday Tree." But now sanity has prevailed in Milwaukee. It's the Christmas tree because it's the Christmas holiday. And that is not ridiculous.

So, a big win for traditionalists.

Pardon this politically correct pinhead's French but with 2,804 Americans dead and no end in sight, who gives a shit what they call their tree?