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Bernard Goldberg Claims Limbaugh's Only Mistake Was Doing "Spastic Dance"

Reported by Deborah - October 26, 2006 -

Only a mean spirited person could have written 100 People Screwing Up America and tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, Bernard Goldberg showed viewers he's as nasty as ever. Goldberg and Jane Hall, O'Reilly's media debate pair, discussed the fairness of the Fox/Limbaugh story coverage and Goldberg did not enhance the Republican's tarnished image at all. 10/26/06

Goldberg said he loved Rush and claimed the only mistake he made was doing that " spastic dance" while maligning Michael J Fox. He seemed to think Limbaugh's comments would have been ignored without the dance.

Goldberg made sure to make the obligatory humane comment about Michael J Fox's suffering but also claimed that it's not possible to challenge his statements because he's a sympathetic figure.

Jane Hall was critical of Limbaugh but stated that nobody knows the truth about how meds affect Fox as if that really makes a difference. Tonight that question was answered during an interview of Fox by Katie Couric where he claimed that during the taping of the ad he was suffering from an overdose of the drugs but without the drugs, he can't speak at all.Fox assured Couric that nobody wants the symptoms because it's like " being hit by a hammer."

At the end of the segment O'Reilly revealed that he had talked to Michael J Fox who explained that he couldn't handle the format of his show but wanted to come on. O'Reilly praised Fox for not hiding like the dixie chicks adding that he respected him.

comment: It seems O'Reilly doesn't respect Michael J Fox enough to go after Rush Limbaugh for the heartless and ignorant things he said. Just imagine the T Warrior's outrage if Limbaugh was a Democrat.As for Bernie Goldberg, he's a clueless oaf who probably insults nine out of ten people he talks to each day. Only Fox News would consider him a media expert.