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Fox Guest Says Karl Rove Predicting Success For Republicans in 2006 Election

Reported by Donna - October 19, 2006 -

On Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he spoke with Nancy Pfotenhauer, Republican Strategist and Doug Schoen, Democratic Strategist about the upcoming midterm elections. As usual, the Democratic guest was interrupted while the Republican guest wasn't. And, of course, with all the numbers overwhelmingly in favor of the Democrats, Karl Rove was going to magically going to pull out this election, too.

Hemmer gave Pfotenhauer the first word and she spoke of how analytical Karl Rove is and how good a track record he has. She says he's earned some credibility after the last election where everyone was saying how the sky was falling and it was all John Kerry and Rove was very analytical and said it can't be. She said Rove put together a lot of energy and micro targeting and we'll see if it works.

Hemmer then asked Schoen about how Rove built the machine for the Republican party.

Schoen said that yes Rove had built the machine and the machine was crumbling, that 35 to 40 seats were in play for the Democrats if the trends hold up and a 5 - 6 seat gain in the Senate, putting the Senate in balance. So, he said there was not a base for Rove to get out, it's falling apart.

Hemmer asked Pfotenhauer if the Republican party was crumbling. Pfotenhauer then explained that it was always going to be a hard year for the Republicans since it was midterm of the second term of the president. She said it would be a long and emotional roller coaster of a night, but she insisted again that Rove knew what was going on.

When Hemmer went back to Schoen, the Democratic strategist, Hemmer asked him how many races the Foley scandal would impact. Schoen started talking about how 3 - 4 seats were in play just because of the Foley scandal. This is when he was interrupted the first time.

There was a banner at the bottom of the screen about the Wall Street Journals most recent poll having Congress at a 16% approval rate, it's lowest ever. Hemmer asked Pfotenhauer if she was worried about the WSJ's numbers. She said she was worried. She said that the light at the end of the tunnel is that the numbers were often wrong. (Comment: Why when the Democrats are leading are the numbers often wrong?)

Hemmer said he was thinking about the time of the exit polls in 2004 and said someone wrote a book that said that 'only the paranoid survive' as the Republicans possibility of actually surviving these elections.

Schoen said he wasn't counting his victories before they were hatched but that the margin was so big in the polls that it was going to be hard for the Republicans to come back. He also pointed out that on issues like terror and national security, the Democrats have the lead and that has been the issue in the past. This is when Hemmer interrupted him a second time.

Hemmer said he heard that from Democrats (Comment: No, try looking at the polls, Hemmer) but he was also hearing from Republicans that there was a reverse trend now. He asked Pfotenhauer if it was legitimate.

Of course she said she thinks it is. (Comment: Without explaining this supposed reverse trend and where were they seeing it after just showing the 16% approval rate for Congress?) Hemmer let Pfotenhauer have the last word (Comment: Of course that was only fair and balanced since she had had the first word) She did agree with the Democratic strategist on the Foley scandal as bringing up questions of compentency like how Katrina hurt President Bush and why Foley is hurting some of the Republicans.

Comment: As usual for Hemmer he only interrupted the Democratic guest. And from their conversation, are we supposed to be getting ready for the numbers to be wrong? Again? And just how would that be accomplished? It wouldn't have anything to do with the electronic voting, would it? All the polls are overwhelmingly in favor of the Democrats but somehow Hemmer and Pfotenhauer think that there will be some kind of reverse trend in less than three weeks and the Republicans will win? Doesn't sound kosher to me.