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Alan Colmes Smacks Down Cindy Sheehan-Smearer Melanie Morgan

Reported by Ellen - October 17, 2006 -

The look on hate-mongering Melanie Morgan’s face was priceless last night as Alan Colmes confronted her on her new “exposé” of Cindy Sheehan’s private life. “I find that going after Cindy Sheehan, the way you are, despicable… I really think it’s disgusting… What does it have to do with anything?” Colmes was referring to Morgan's claim that Sheehan is addicted to internet pornography. Hannity hilariously used that "revelation" to try to equate Sheehan with disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley. With video.

Colmes made the persuasive argument that Sheehan is not an elected official nor a policy-maker and should not be subjected to what he called “a smear job” on her private life.

Hannity, who never shows much interest in the Tom DeLay, Curt Weldon or Foley page scandals was fascinated by every nuance Morgan and her co-author revealed and he castigated the media for not doing more of the same.

Apparently, Colmes was asking too many difficult questions because his portion of the interview was ended a full minute before Hannity's. But that didn't stop Hanity from inserting his comparison of Sheehan to disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley. Hannity interrupted Colmes two minutes into his portion of the interview. The tension between Hannity and Colmes was almost palpable as Hannity said, “Does it only matter if Republicans have internet inappropriate messages?”

Note: It was a good night for liberals later on, too, as new-to-me guest radio talk show host Leslie Marshall did a fabulous job against the insult-throwing, Dennis Miller wannabe, Curtis Sliwa. She will likely be our next top dog, if she's on again. If readers really want, I'll post video of her tomorrow.