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Gingrich And Gibson Get Revenge After Clinton Interview

Reported by Deborah - September 25, 2006 -

Newt Gingrich joined John Gibson today for the post interview, payback hatchet job on Clinton after he honestly expressed his anger during an interview with Chris Wallace last night. Gibson and Gingrich accustomed to bashing Clinton freely without paying any price were suddenly shocked by President Clinton's spirited self defense. Then Judge Napolitano took his swipes later on with some very questionable legal observations. 9/26/06

Newt Gingrich, looking so pleased with himself, offered a brief flash of sympathy for Clinton before he stabbed him in the heart. He claimed that of course poor Clinton felt "vulnerable" making him over react. Then he went on to say how ineffective Clinton was during his administration fighting terrorism. Gingrich denied that there was ever any "wag the dog" talk saying that Clinton got bipartisan support for any moves he wanted to make against Bin Laden. Gingrich acted as if that was just a ridiculous assertion. He then actually claimed that Clinton left Bush with no information or plan pertaining to Bin Laden.

Gibson made a big deal about Clinton's finger pointing comparing it to the finger pointing during the Lewinsky episode. Of course Lewinsky is always present in any discussion of Clinton on Fox.

Lani Davis came on right after Gingrich and was furious especially after Gibson had the nerve to claim that Gingrich had defended Clinton. Davis reminded Gibson that the recent movie Path to 9/11 made totally false statements which were never corrected and should have been acknowledged and corrected by Gibson and Gingrich. Davis was really annoyed that Gingrich claimed that Clinton had left Bush with no plan. As Davis continued to correct all the misinformation from Gingrich, Gibson just made little objections maintaining that expression of satisfied smugness. "Why did he go volcanic?" Gibson asked again substituting volcanic for ballistic.

Then Napolitano offered his legal wisdom for viewers. He wondered why Clinton would worry about the CIA certifying since he was the President he could do whatever he wanted.

When Gibson asked Napolitano if it would have been legal for Clinton to have kiled Bin Laden, he offered this ethical pearl.
"Legal under American law but not International law. Who cares!"

Gibson wanted to know what would have happened to Clinton if he had done it anyway. Napolitano was very casual telling him that there would have been some sort of censor and some problems with the International Courts like it was no big thing. Then he made a crack about not being able to sit in a cafe in Spain. Napolitano was suggesting, it seems, that real Presidents don't worry about International Law and certainly don't care about freely roaming in foreign countries.

Gibson wrapped it up expressing regret that poor Chris Wallace the nicest guy at Fox News had to have that horrible experience with mean Bill Clinton. Not surprisingly, Newt Gingrich will do a repeat performance at 8 and 11PM on the O'Reilly Factor. Nobody does character assassination like Newt and I bet he doesn't give a hoot about International Law either.