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Bill O'Reilly Endorses Waterboarding As Safe and Reliable

Reported by Deborah - September 20, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly will not rest until he proves that harsh interrogation, never call it torture, really gets results. Tonight he had Brian Ross, ABC News, on The Factor to reinforce his claims that the CIA use of "alternative" interrogation methods like waterboarding are not only safe but very effective breaking down 14 terror suspects.Then Carol Bogart, Human Rights Watch, appeared so BOR could feel personally vindicated but his plan fell short. .

O'Reilly was really setting the stage questioning Ross about his sources making sure that the viewers saw him as a reputable source. Ross claimed that 14 detainees with very important information about future terror plots broke down and talked after waterboarding.

O'Reilly tried to be low key about waterboarding but Ross was very clear about it's horrors.He claimed that the toughest suspect broke down in 21/2 minutes but most only lasted for 30 seconds.Ross hesitated but admitted that it probably could kill someone but it definitely makes you feel like you're dying because it causes an uncontrollable gag reflex.

O'Reilly tried to get Ross to confirm that techniques like waterboarding always work but Ross refused adding that a lot of CIA people were against these interrogation methods. Trying to pin him down, BOR asked in a debate "O'Reilly vs Human Rights Watch would you say O'Reilly is right?" Ross just wouldn't do it repeating that it remains an open debate.

O'Reilly is still fuming about an encounter with Katherine Newell-Beirman last week which pushed him over the edge into a yelling fit.Tonight he was determined to show Carrol Bogart that he was right but she was as tough as Newell-Beirman.

Bogart immediately informed him that waterboarding has been against the law and a U.S. General was courtmarshaled for doing it. O'Reilly unmoved claimed that he didn't think members of the military should ever do the interrogation. Of course he didn't acknowledge that the military had outlawed it for a reason.

O'Reilly then characterized waterboarding as " putting a little water on their face".He challenged Bogart with, " You'd rather have people die than give the President the latitude.." Bogart lashed back telling him that he was in the minority reminding him that Republicans were on the other side of the issue. Bill didn't like that bringing up the support of ," the Folks,his imaginary army of Americans ready to rally behind his every cause.

He ended the segment slightly subdued mumbling that the President would get a copromise getting some of the things he needed. The debate continues but Bill O'Reilly just wants to be right.