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O'Reilly Distorts His Arianna Huffington Interview

Reported by Deborah - September 14, 2006 -

Arianna Huffington appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to plug her new book, On Becoming Fearless , and Bill O'Reilly seemed unprepared for Huffington's no nonsense, confident responses. For whatever reasons, he tread lightly throughout the interview and as it became clear that Arianna wasn't about to shrink from his questions, O'Reilly seemed to disengage and certainly avoided his usual tactics. However, today on his website the account of the interview was very incomplete and he accused her of " dodging" his question.9/14/06

When O'Reilly started his usual line about the Democrat's lack of a plan, Huffington's answer was not what he expected.
"Looking at the solutions to the war on terror in left-right terms is completely obsolete. It doesn't help us find solutions. There is more agreement across partisan lines."

Today on his summary of last night's show he claimed her answer was a dodge and didn't mention any of the points she made about Iraq or her suggestions for a plan to deal with the situation. This is what he wrote to summarize the entire interview.

" The Factor wasn't buying it: "All I want to know from Hillary Clinton or from whatever Democrat gets the nomination is what are you going to do differently than President Bush is doing? And I cannot get the answer to that question. All I get is Bush is an idiot, he's wrong. And I get nothing else!"

In fact their was quite a bit more in the interview that O'Reilly left out so he could maintain his delusion that Democrats are incapable of dealing with Iraq. Here's a clip from C&L.