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FOX News Distorts Rosie O’Donnell’s Comments, Then Uses The Distortion As An Excuse To Demonize All Democrats

Reported by Ellen - September 14, 2006 -

It was another textbook example of the FOX News propaganda playbook last night (9/13/06) on Hannity & Colmes. First, Sean Hannity demonized a liberal, in this case Rosie O’Donnell (with extra propaganda points for using a HOLLYWOOD liberal), then used that demonization for demonizing all Democrats. In last night’s discussion, Hannity and his conservative cohort, barking head David Limbaugh, didn’t even bother to quote her correctly in their effort to use her remarks for their own political partisanship.

Hannity and FOX News quoted O’Donnell as saying that Christians are as dangerous as Muslims. What she actually said was that radical Christians are as dangerous as radical Muslims. Unfortunately, neither Alan Colmes nor Democratic strategist Bob Beckel corrected the record or dealt with what she truly said or meant.

But while any liberal criticism of conservatives is suspect (to say the least) on Hannity & Colmes, it’s always open season the other way around. For example, Limbaugh held up his new book, the cover of which apparently contained (I couldn’t see well enough) a photo or photos of Democrats. Limbaugh gratuitously added, “I wouldn’t call them buffoons though, in case you were thinking they might look like buffoons.” There was no condemnation for that remark by anyone and I seriously doubt there will be an H&C segment on that “shocking” comment anytime soon.

Bob Beckel, who is a born-again Christian, did a better than usual job of attacking the “Democrats are anti-Christian” crusade coming from the right. He pointed out that Jerry Falwell’s statements, blaming 9/11 on homosexuality were "just as stupid." Beckel added, “If you’re going to have idiots on the left, you’ve got idiots on the right.”

Limbaugh responded, “It’s true certain Christians say things that I don’t approve of … but there aren’t any Christian suicide bombers. Christians don’t target innocent people.” Nobody mentioned Paul Jennings Hill, Michael F. Griffin, or The Army of God. Limbaugh continued by complaining that Democrats sold bumper stickers “disparaging Christians. I mean, it’s just a party thing.” I doubt there will be an H&C segment on that comment either.

Beckel told Limbaugh, “You all should just not use our Lord for your purposes… The Republican Party has hijacked the Christian religion and used it as a tool. I’ll tell you something, man. You guys are going way too far.”

Limbaugh insisted Beckel was “a rare breed” for not disparaging Christians.

Alan Colmes pointed out that “John Danforth has said that radical Christianity’s taken over the Republican Party. You wanna criticize John Danforth for saying the same thing?”

Limbaugh said, “I disagree with John Danforth.” But notice the difference in the level of respect.

You can watch the discussion on FOXNews.com.