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Who's your extremist-religious fascist daddy?

Reported by Chrish - September 5, 2006 -

Glancing at the television this morning 9/5/06, (tuned to FNC) I caught, quickly, (garble) "wants to purge liberal college professors" and moments later "wants purge of liberal and secular teachers." Ah, I thought, they're doing another incestuous cross-promotion of O'Reilly's show - he's due back from vacation and no doubt going to be promoting his phony culture war ad nauseum, as his new book is coming out this month.

But I was mistaken.

Jane Skinner was actually hosting reporter James Rosen, who was speaking of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, who according to the Internation Herald tribune

"urged students Tuesday to push for a purge of liberal and secular teachers from universities, in another sign of his determination to stamp a strong Islamic fundamentalist revival on the country. Ahmadinejad's call was not a surprise — since taking office a year ago, he also has moved to replace pragmatic veterans in the government and diplomatic corps with former military commanders and inexperienced religious hard-liners. ... Still, the latest call was another sign that Ahmadinejad is determined to remake Iran — which still has strong moderate factions — reviving the fundamentalist goals pursued in the 1980s...

My mistake is understandable, given the amount of liberal, secular, college professor-bashing we've been exposed to watching FOX. It's downright eerie how the tactics and goals of this feared and crazed madman mirror our own domestic situation. While Bush himself has not publicly called for such a purging, his unofficial news agency has been steadily chipping away at the institutes of higher learning and professors therein who encourage their students to think critically. There are few aberrations worse, to the Foxified, than being open to all points of view, processing according to your own values and experiences, and from that forging your own understanding. That type of critical thinking is anathema to the pre-programmed "dittohead" type responses that underlie the blind loyalty that they demand of their "patriotic" followers.

We've documented many instances, though not all by any stretch, of O'Reilly (Ward Churchhill is "traitorous" and should be fired) and Sean "How far should academic freedom go?" Hannity pushing the anti-acedemia meme. FOXNews.com has reported that "Several Ohio state lawmakers want to pass legislation that they argue is needed to ban political bias on college campuses."

As we've seen with civil rights and privacy, there are plenty of Americans willing to give up their freedoms in the hopes of utter security. These same sheeple will gladly give up their right to varied information, probably in the cause of "national unity" and "supporting the troops," and in the utmost irony the corporate media will be all too eager to trumpet the danger of free speech - it's good for circulation!