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Hypocritical Hannity Complains About Politicization Of Katrina Moments Before Doing Just That

Reported by Ellen - August 30, 2006 -

FOX News kept up the Katrina PR for Bush on Hannity & Colmes again tonight (8/29/06). It was another night of blame New Orleans, praise Mississippi and let’s not talk about the role of the federal government. The guest was Haley Barbour, governor of Mississippi and also the former chairman of the Republican Party. Sean Hannity started his part of the interview by saying, “What a shock. The New York Times and liberals are trying to politicize a natural disaster and score cheap political points.” Whenever Hannity complains about someone else politicizing something it’s a safe bet he’s about to do the same.

Barbour’s “non-political” response included a mention that all public schools were open in Mississippi before any were open in New Orleans. There was a lot of talk about how Mississippi got hit harder from Katrina but nobody mentioned that the real problem in New Orleans wasn’t the direct hit from the hurricane but the flooding. That was a problem Mississippi did not face.

Sure enough, Hannity’s next remark lit into Mayor Ray Nagin. “You know something, though? I will say this to you, Governor,” Hannity began with his most earnest, sincere tone. “You and I have been friends a long time and I think I’m putting aside our friendship when I say this. You know there was a distinct difference in your handling of the situation and, for example, Mayor Nagin. Mayor Nagin’s still politicizing this. Just this week, took a cheap shot at New York. He said this wouldn’t have happened or the response would have been different if it was Orange County, California. He was cursing and flailing like crazy. He didn’t use the buses to get the sick and the elderly and the people that needed help out of the way when they had 35 years warning and five specific days warning. You were a voice of calm and steadiness and reason. You didn’t blame the federal government. You went out there and tried to fix the situation.”

Barbour didn’t waste a moment before asking if it was the federal government’s problem, why didn’t it happen in Texas and Mississippi. (Answer: Because they weren’t flooded like New Olreans). “Mississippians aren’t into victimhood,” Barbour proclaimed.

Funny how Hannity didn’t object to Barbour’s politicization.

You can watch the segment on FOXNews.com.