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Katrina Coverage Analysis On Fox News Watch

Reported by Deborah - August 26, 2006 -

Eric Burns, showed a clip of Shep Smith a year ago, looking sad and exhausted, standing on that empty highway in New Orleans declaring the death of New Orleans. Burns asked the panel of Fox News Watch if there should be apologies for comments like that from the media.8/26/06

Jane Hall, American University, jumped to Shep Smith's defense declaring his coverage of Katrina eloquent. In an interview this week with TV Guide Shepard Smith said that he continues to get emails from people criticizing his coverage of Katrina.

Smith: I felt extremely confused. It was the first time I had ever been in a situation where I'm on the ground and I'm hearing from people on every single level that things are getting better, and they weren't. That was the frustration -- there were untruths being told. I'm not saying people were lying; I think some of them may have been, and I know at the very minimum they were misinformed. Things were getting worse, not better. That was my frustration. To this day I get e-mails from people saying, "You lost it down there!" Well, I didn't lose it. Those in control lost it. And you can only say it so many times -- what you're hearing is not true.

Jim Pinkerton, conservative panel member, expressed the fear of Republicans that this Katrina Anniversary will be used to bash Bush. Neal Gabler responded to Pinkertons suggestion that the bashing was not deserved. " Bush did screw up big time!"

In case there is anyone who doesn't know how badly Bush screwed up or needs a refresher, here is a comprehensive timeline prepared by Think Progress. This is the whole truth that the media should apologize for not reporting. This week we can expect FOX News to be jumping through hoops to soften the blow of any truth about Katrina that might slip by. I really hope the truth wins out this one time.