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FOX News Pundit: Democrats Want To Put Terrorists In Time Out, Enroll Them in Midnight Basketball

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2006 -

Here’s my unsolicited .02 for Democrats. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: If Democrats can’t effectively thwart Republican attacks, voters will never believe they (Democrats) can effectively thwart terrorist attacks. It seems like a no-brainer to me. But we News Hounds are repeatedly stupefied by the number of Democratic “strategists” who act stunned by what should be predictable Republican slurs and remain at a loss for an effective response. Last night’s Hannity & Colmes (8/18/06) repeated that all-too-familiar scenario.

In his portion of a discussion about the upcoming mid-term elections, substitutde co-host Rich Lowry distorted Democrats' positions while attacking them for being weak on security. Republican Karen Hanretty joined him and demonstrated a natural flair for the game. But the other guest, Robin Swanson, proved herself another in the inexhaustible supply of nice, likeable, attractive but woefully inept FOX News Democratic spokespeople my colleague Marie Therese thinks FNC manufactures in their basement.

Swanson seemed to realize the distortions but never clarified the record. For example, Lowry asked her the gotcha question, “Does it disturb you that so much of your own party is so excited about a guy (Ned Lamont) who thinks the greatest strategy in the war on terror would be negotiating with our enemies?” Swanson started to say that she didn’t think that was Lamont’s position, but she neither articulated his actual position nor any other Democratic position on the war on terror.

In fact, Lowry took Lamont’s quote about “negotiating with our enemies” out of context. Here’s what he really said, as reported by the Connecticut Post Online. "We've got to start treating the rest of the world with respect," Lamont said. "Our country is stronger, our nation is stronger, our nation is more secure when we reach out and work with allies, we work with our friends and we negotiate with our enemies.”

Swanson didn’t even bring out that Lowry had twisted the truth, nor did she suggest that he may have done so because the facts weren’t on his side.

Hanretty chimed in that “It’s absolutely the message of the Democratic Party.” (Comment: I know it’s catty but somebody should tell her to get a better highlights job.)

Lowry hit again with further distortions, saying that Democrats oppose the Patriot Act. He conveniently forgot that there had been a bi-partisan group of senators who blocked its renewal last winter. Even worse, Swanson seemed to forget, too. Lowry added that Democrats “hate the NSA surveillance program.”

Hanretty jumped in. “It’s going to come down to one thing in November.” Democrats “essentially want to tell the terrorists we’re going to put you in time out and maybe enroll you in midnight basketball.”

Swanson shook her head in disbelief.

In the closing seconds, Alan Colmes quickly corrected the record about Democrats’ problems with the NSA program, that the surveillance had been done without a warrant. Lowry disingenuously asked why Democrats hadn't done something about that in Congress. Colmes was closing out the segment. Swanson had earlier mentioned something about the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress. But she didn't say it again at the end, where it would have been more relevant.

Here’s the video.